Girls in Prayer

Praying girls become praying moms.

On episode 13, our host Lee Nienhuis and American Heritage Girls Founder and Executive Director, Patti Garibay, discuss the brand new Girls in Prayer Program that is available as a free resource to all of us. Training the girls in our lives to follow Jesus and pray has never been more important and today we discuss the dynamics facing our girls. Patti shares 5 easy ways to engage the girls God has placed in our lives.

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Patti’s 5 easy tips to engage the girls around us:

    1.  Listen fully.
    2.  Ask questions.
    3.  Pray intentionally.
    4.  Be available.
    5. Model humility.

“Fathers, do not embitter your children, or they will be discouraged.”  Colossians 3:21 (NIV)

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Patti Garibay is the Founder and Executive Director of the national character development organization, American Heritage Girls. Garibay has been featured on national media outlets, including Axis’ Parenting Teen Summit, Axis’ Online Homeschool Convention, FamilyLife Radio, TIME Magazine, The New York Times, and on James Dobson’s Family Talk. American Heritage Girls in now in all 50 states and has become an international movement. Patti and her husband, Pat, are blessed with four grown children, seven grandkids and they make their home in Ohio.

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