Filling a Need

You’ve been thinking…
Yes, my child and my child’s school deserve prayer.
I see the benefit of joining with other moms.
Every Moms in Prayer group needs a leader.

Ask God to be the real leader of your group. Whether you feel confident with the title “leader,” scared to step out in faith or something in between, yielding to God takes all the pressure off of you and will grow the best Moms in Prayer group possible. See the Leader Description.

We all adhere to the Moms in Prayer International Statement of Faith, a personal acceptance of Jesus into our lives as Savior and Lord, and that Jesus is God.

Starting a new Moms in Prayer group is simple.
All you need is a Booklet and one other mom to join you. We can help with the rest.


First Step: The ministry Booklet will be your best friend. Buy it. Read it. Make it your own. It’s packed with everything you need to start a group— and more. With policies, sample prayers and scriptures to use, it’s your complete guide to what we do, how we do it and why.

Buy Booklet


Next, ask God for one other mom to join you. Invite friends, your Bible study group, women at church or Christian neighbors. Tell them how God has been nudging you to gather in united prayer for your children and schools. We have outreach tools to make this easy for you.

Outreach Tools


Help is available. Prayer tools will help you with your weekly group prayer time including Attributes of God, Prayer Sheets, the Four Steps of Prayer and Building Strong Groups. You can also contact your local leadership if you have questions.

Prayer Tools

The last step is to register. This makes it easy for other moms in your area to find and connect with your group.

Register Your Group

Equipping Your Group

Our A Walk Through the 4 Steps of Prayer video will show you how to lead your group through each step during your hour of prayer.

More Resources

We’ve also compiled a list of helpful materials and resources you can turn to at any time in the life of your Moms in Prayer group. These resources have been created to help you as a group leader to address the unique needs of your prayer group.

To help you lead your group, we have resources to help you including prayer and outreach tools