Make a Difference

God’s power is evident when we come together as a group of moms, committed to strengthening our kids, schools and communities through prayer. These are the eternal things. And this one hour becomes the best part of our week.

Starting a Moms in Prayer Group is Simple

Here’s How it Works

Step 1:  Ask Another Mom

Ask God for one other mom to join you. Invite friends, women at church or Christian neighbors. We’ve created an invitation for you that you can customize and hand out.


Step 2:  Read and Agree

Unified in Christ, all Moms in Prayer group leaders and members agree to our Statement of Faith and Policies. Find these and other essentials to start your group.


Step 3:  Make it Official

The last step is to register. This makes it easy for moms looking for a group in your area to connect with you. Also, get the latest ministry news, free resources and more.


Help is right here. Find tools for your weekly group prayer time including Prayer Sheets, Building Strong Groups and the Four Steps of Prayer video. Contact local leadership if you have questions.  See our Prayer Tools.

Hear From a Group Leader

Monique shares her experience as a Moms in Prayer leader

Listen to our weekly podcast for encouragement as a group leader