What to expect when joining a group

We are moms who accept you wherever you are in your Christian prayer life, even if you’ve never had one. It’s a safe place. It’s a learning place where we grow and care for one another. God is there with us, teaching us how to pray openly and honestly to Him for our children and schools.

What’s unique about a Moms in Prayer group?

  • We stay focused on prayer and always begin and end on time.
  • Our prayer format is biblical and begins with an attribute of God.
  • We pray our children’s names in scripture so we know we are praying God’s will.
  • We keep what we pray about confidential.

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How do I join a Moms in Prayer group?

You will receive an email with group information in your area and a leader will contact you.
If there’s not a group in your area, state leadership can help you start one.

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