What do you pray for your child? Prayers for children's future. Worried about my child at school.

Welcome to Moms in Prayer where we pray with another mom for our kids and their schools, impacting them for Christ.

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I would tell another mom to join right away. I promise that if you make time in your schedule, God will give it back to you tenfold. It’s going to change your prayer life forever and you will find peace and relief from anxiety and worry as a mom. You’ll even make lifelong friends in the process. I can’t imagine being a mom without this prayer group!
—Barb, Moms in Prayer group member

We meet for one hour once per week to pray for our children and the school they attend. The leader of your group will guide you through the prayer time.


Meet other Christian moms around me. Prayers for our children's education.

Fill out the online form. A leader will contact you.

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