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Connecting moms to hope through a community of women seeking Christ, biblical motherhood, and the power of prayer. Be encouraged and equipped so you can better pray for and impact the next generation.

Chuck Klein Campus Alliance Moms in Prayer

Campus Ministry Update

“Moms in Prayer is like the air force, the forerunner in a lot of campus ministry.” Today, Stacy sits down with the Executive Director of Campus Alliance, Chuck Klein, to talk about campus ministry. He shares the vision of every student within arm’s reach of the gospel.


Moms praying for college students Julie Loos

Collegiate Day of Prayer

“We are the moms that can pray and turn the tide on the college campus.” Today, Stacy sits down with Moms in Prayer’s College Liaison, Julie Loos, as she welcomes one and all to join her in strategic prayer for the most influential institution in Western civilization…


Capture kids' hearts for Jesus

Capture Little Hearts

“What a gift to be the ones the Lord commissions to teach faith to the next generation.” Today is the day! Lee and Stacy switch chairs and talk about the blessings, the joys and the legacy of prayer. Listen in as Lee shares her passion to capture children’s hearts for Jesus.


Discipline children according to the Bible, Moms

Six Discipline Mistakes Parents Make

“Discipline is an opportunity to point our children to Jesus.” Have you ever thought about discipline this way? Today Lee sits down with Ginger Hubbard, bestselling author and speaker, to discuss the common discipline mistakes parents make and to point us to a better way, the biblical way, that yields a harvest of righteousness.


Christian moms celebrate diversity

Embracing Racial Unity

“If the gospel is true, reconciliation on earth is always possible.” With racial tension on every side, moms must ask, “How do I teach my child about the beauty of diversity?” Today Lee sits down with author Trillia Newbell to discuss the power of the gospel, the necessity of prayer, and the importance of embracing racial unity.


Saying Yes to God’s Next Step

“I expected, as I prayed, that my family would be blessed, but I didn’t expect to be so personally blessed.” Lee talks with Moms in Prayer Southern California State Coordinator, Stacy Callender, about how God has faithfully led and transformed one timid mama into a bold intercessor.


When You Love a Prodigal

Loving a prodigal is a long and desperate journey, a time that can be filled with fear, anger, self-doubt and shame. Today, Lee sits down with Judy Douglass, the wife of CRU President Steve Douglass, to talk about praying for prodigals, adoption, trauma and the hope we can find.


Praying for India and Asia

How does Moms in Prayer work in countries where believers in Christ are the very small minority, and how do moms pray when their children may be persecuted for their faith? Today, Lee is joined by Moms in Prayer’s Asian Leadership Developer, Stephanie…


Praying for America

The pandemic did not stop the global movement of Moms in Prayer, and it certainly did not stop American mothers for interceding for their children and the world. Today, Lee is joined by USA Country Coordinator Susan Shepherd and Global Director, Cathi Armitage to discuss…


Prayer for children and schools in South America

Praying for South America

The COVID pandemic took many mother’s desperate situations and made them infinitely more complicated. Today, Lee sits down with our South America Director Veronica Vanzetti, and Venezuela Country Coordinator, Deisy Ordoñez, to talk about the power of prayer…