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why is it so difficult to trust God?

Letting Go and Trusting

“It’s scary to be vulnerable, to come as we are, yet that’s the beautiful invitation of trust.” Stacy speaks with best-selling author, Bible teacher, and pastor’s wife, Joanna Weaver. Listen in as Joanna shares with humor and humility, the things we need to let go of and what it means to fully embrace trusting God.


Why is school prayer important? Testimonies of answered prayer for schools

Blessing Our Schools With Prayer

“Looking at our world today, I can’t think of a better time to be praying for our schools.” David Schmus, Exec. Director of Christian Educators & Olivia Williamson, Director of Claim Your Campus, inspire you with testimonies of answered prayers on school campuses across the nation and world.


Connecting With Our Children

“I am a mom. That’s my first mission field.” Stacy talks with Dannah Gresh, best-selling author, founder of True Girl and Moms in Prayer mom. Listen in as Dannah shares her heart to help parents connect with their kids and parent well.


Heroes of the Faith and their praying moms

Praying Moms & Heroes of Faith

Stacy is joined by Bible college professor and fellow podcast host, Jasmine Alnutt. She takes you on an amazing journey through church history looking at some of the heroes of the faith in a new way, through their praying moms. What a difference a praying mom can make!


Teach your child how to pray

Moms Making a Difference

“God is training us, preparing us, and giving us this opportunity in our homes.” Pam Tebow talks with host Stacy about the difference a mother can make by praying for her children and teaching them God’s Word. This godly influence doesn’t stop there, but has a ripple effect on others.


trusting God's plan for my family

Trusting God’s Way

“When God invites His children on an adventure, on a faith journey, it always begins by saying goodbye to something familiar.” Stacy speaks with Laura Story, award-winning songwriter, worship leader, author and Bible teacher. Laura shares how God is teaching her to let go of a “normal family life” and trust His direction, provision & promises.


the gift of prayer for my children

The God of All Comfort

“Come as you are. The more you pour out what is going on, the more space you make for His grace to pour in.” Stacy speaks with television host and bestselling author, Sheila Walsh. She shares how prayer was passed on to her by her mother and how we can pass this gift on to our little ones.


Eternal investment in the lives of students in school

All In Youth Ministry

“There is no greater investment we can make than in the life of a student.” Stacy welcomes Mike DeVito of the National Network of Youth Ministries who has invested a lifetime in youth ministry. Listen in to discover how we can make an eternal investment in the lives of our students.


Learning to be a thankful wife and mother

Cultivating a Grateful Heart

Stacy talks with Central America Director, Diana de Fouler, from Panama. She gives us a sneak peek of the new Moms in Prayer summer Bible study that starts in July. Don’t miss a behind the scenes look at this study on the life-changing subject of thanksgiving. Available in English and Español.


Moms pray together for their children

Mat Carriers

Fern Nichols, founder of Moms in Prayer International, teaches moms about carrying each other’s children in prayer and a powerfully productive alternative to worry: thankful prayer. What better gift could we give one another? Prepare to be inspired as she gives one of her most dearly loved teachings, Jesus healing the paralytic.



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