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Christian Missionaries in Australia & Russia

Travel the World Through Prayer Russia & Albania

“Whatever story God is writing in your life, be available and be ready to say yes.” Stacy continues her conversation with Come and Sew international ministry founder, Kathie Arnold. Kathie shares her adventures with the Lord when taking His hand and stepping out of her comfort zone in Russia and Albania.


Christian Missionaries in Australia & Russia

Travel the World Through Prayer Australia & Russia

“Please Lord, give me strength to be your missionary and live for you every day.” God answered this prayer from the heart of a young college student the night she gave her heart to Jesus. Now Kathie travels the world sharing Moms in Prayer and the love of Jesus through Come & Sew Ministries.


Empowered by God with potential

Empowered in Potential

We complete our Empowered series welcoming Moms in Prayer New York State Coordinator, Jill Falletta, to the podcast. Jill, a gifted story teller, expounds on Jesus, the True Vine, and the journey He took her on while praying for His help with a God-sized task she was facing.


Moms empowered in Truth through Jesus and prayer!

Empowered in Truth

Stacy talks with Martina Kersten, Central West Europe Regional Director, looking at John 14 where Jesus says, “I AM the way, the truth and the life.” Listen in as Martina shares, with humble transparency and authenticity, what a gift is it to know Jesus is the Truth. We can trust Him and He will fulfill His promises.


Mom of 4 adopted children and 1 foster child empowered in hope

Empowered in Hope

God empowered Randi Helvig, Nordic Regional Director in Europe, with hope through prayer and five adoptions, including her own. As we continue our series of the I AM statements of Jesus, she also shares her personal testimony of how Jesus preserved, healed, and yes, even resurrected her life. He wants to do the same for you!


Empowered in His Care

Stacy sits down with Moms in Prayer Director of Europe and Israel, Kathrin Larsen, as we continue the I AM statements of Jesus. Kathrin shares how compassionately and completely Jesus, our Shepherd, cares for us, our children and grandchildren. The beautiful truth stated in this episode will refresh and restore your soul.


Podcast Empowered Series with Free Prayer Sheets

Empowered through His Protection

“Jesus is telling us that He protects His sheep. If something comes in, it comes through Him first.” USA Country Coordinator, Susan Shepherd, shares how we are empowered as moms through knowing Jesus is the gate for the sheep. What comfort, that Jesus is not only providing for and protecting us, but our children as well.


Empowered in His Will

“That day I became free from anxiety and fear because the Lord let me see through the light of His word that He is the unchanging God.” We continue the Empowered series with Diana de Fouler, Central America Director. Listen in as she talks about moms being empowered through Jesus, the Light of the World.


Jesus is the Bread of Life Prayer Sheet

Empowered Through His Provision

Today we begin our series called “Empowered,” focusing on the I AM statements of Jesus. Stacy welcomes Sandra Bosch, Chile Country Coordinator, to the podcast. With a passion for prayer and a heart for the lost, listen to Sandra share how we are empowered as moms through knowing Jesus as our bread of life.


Pam Tebow and son Tim Tebow

A Mom’s Influence

“Of all the things I did for my children, praying for them and teaching them scripture were the two most important.” Stacy speaks with Pam Tebow, author, speaker & mom of five. You will discover why her son, Tim Tebow, has been such a light. Listen in as Pam shares the beautiful ripple effects a mom’s influence can have.



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