God is calling us to RISE UP in His strength
to cover more children and schools in prayer!

We have an amazing opportunity to witness God bring revival and spiritual awakening to many who are fearful and walking in darkness. When we come together and give, we help fulfill the vision God has given us to cover every school worldwide in prayer.


We’re praying against a hostile culture I never thought I would see in my lifetime.

When I tell people the stories of what God has done through the Moms in Prayer ministry, they listen.

One year, our local high school had a serious drug problem. Several kids were caught smoking marijuana at a conference in downtown Nashville, minutes from the school. That week, our Moms in Prayer group prayed that God would rid the school of drugs.

My mother and others fought for me in prayer for many years.

Now, in a Moms in Prayer group, we see God’s goodness in many answered prayers for our own children.

For me, it has been such an honor to also help provide resources so groups can get started. I get my reward every time I see smiling moms gathered in prayer groups around the world, knowing that without financial help, this wouldn’t be possible.

Prayers for children and schools worldwide

“Prayer is an eternal investment with life and death at stake.”

Cathi Armitage, Global Ministry Director, takes you on a journey around the globe, answering the question, Why Give? Because God is answering moms’ prayers for children and schools all over the world through Moms in Prayer.

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