Moms in Prayer International Leadership
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Sally Burke, President

Sally Burke,

Fern Nichols, Founder

Fern Nichols,

Global Directors

Cathi Armitage,
Global Ministry Director

Marlae Gritter Director of Global Advancement

International Directors 

Kathrin Larsen European Director

Kathrin Larsen
Europe Director

Diana de Fouler  Central America Director

Regional Directors

Randi Helvig,
Regional Director in Europe-Nordic Region

Country Coordinators


Suk Young Lee, South Korea

Suk Young Lee,
South Korea

Central America

South America


Ala Verenciuc, Moldova

Ala Verenciuc, Moldova

Cornelia Amstutz, Switzerland

Cornelia Amstutz, Switzerland


Moms in Prayer International Board Members

From left to right: Bunmi Peters, Darry Lester, Matthias Taeubert, Sally Burke, Nancee Hanson,
Janet Combs, Clyde Blyleven, Katie Marshall, Michelle Kvandal