Prayer Tools

Mom, we want to empower you to pray God’s promises for your children and their schools!

We have a variety of prayer tools to meet your needs
Wondering what to expect at your Moms in Prayer group? Women bring their cares to the Lord in a conversational, one accord, Four Steps of Prayer method.
Your group leader will guide you through the hour of prayer.

To become an official Moms in Prayer group, we ask that you first read and agree to the Moms in Prayer Statement of Faith, Core Values, Guiding Principles, and our group policies. We believe that these key ideas and foundational statements are vital to our mission to cover every school in the world in prayer.

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The next step is to register your group with Moms in Prayer. This makes it easy for other moms in your area to find and connect with your group. The more of us that pray together, the greater impact we can have in the lives of our children.

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Equipping You

We’ll make sure that you have all of the tools you need to get your group started. The Ministry Booklet and Four Steps of Prayer Demonstration video are core teaching tools. Both of these resources will help you by suggesting ways to lead prayer, what to pray for, what scriptures to read, and so much more.

If you’re ready to make a visible and spiritual change in your community by covering your schools in prayer, let’s get started!
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