Praying For Military Families

There is a hidden people group among all 50 US states and around the world. Military families face unique challenges that are often overlooked by their civilian counterparts. In today’s episode, Lee talks to Salena Duffy and Megan Brown about the need for community and prayer among military moms today and their unique position to impact the world for Christ.

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Salena Duffy is the wife of a retired, US Army officer, and the mom to three boys. A dynamic speaker and lover of Jesus, Salena is also a Moms in Prayer mom and the former Military Liaison for Moms in Prayer International. The Duffy family makes their home in beautiful Colorado.


Megan Brown is the founder of All Her Paths Ministries. She is a seasoned military spouse whose husband serves in the US Air Force. Her family views this Air Force life as an opportunity to perpetually live on mission. The mission field is wherever the government sends them. Each new station is a chance to push the Gospel forward in military communities, both stateside and abroad.

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  1. I will be forwarding this to my friend who’s husband is a Marine, and just made another move from East coast to West coast with toddler and baby on the way in December.

    I would be Interested in hearing about Moving s whose children have chosen the military life. Our son has been a Marine for 2 years this January. He’s on his first deployment. This lifestyle isn’t easy for sure and definitely is not the easiest on a Christian, young man or young women. Chaplains may be available on base, but not easily accessible. There may be a few friends who share their faith, but day to day life, the language, etc. may make it difficult to grow your faith.
    I have buddies of my son who ask me to pray for them, who ask me to con’t to share scripture with them, etc.
    Does your organization have a facet for Military MoMs of Active Duty? These kids need prayer for very specific things mostly spiritual growth and renwel. Us MoMs also need prayer. It’s hard to balance those mothering instincts , and also being a MoM to that active duty child and also children still at home.

    1. Post

      Hello Lynne, Thank you for your comment! This podcast is about the specific prayer needs facing active military families and how Moms in Prayer groups can come alongside them, so this should be helpful to you. If you would like to join a group, please see: Make sure to designate “military families” on your request which is below the school section on the form. I”m praying for you today in being a mom to a son who is in the military. God bless you.

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