Prayer Calendar

How can all of us pray for Moms in Prayer needs throughout the world? This is where our Prayer Calendar makes that possible and simple! We receive specific requests for upcoming events, global teams, USA needs, and women traveling to share the ministry. And we’re able to see the results of our prayers as well!

The Prayer Calendar is published every two months and is both printable and accessible online:

May 2019

Happy Mother’s Day to each of you precious, faithful prayer partners!

You prayed and already in 2019, from Albania to Vietnam, at least 34 new groups have sprouted with 2 of the groups being a new Moms in Prayer (MIP) presence in the countries of Cyprus and St. Lucia. We praise the Lord too for new leadership with 11 CPs, 43 ACs and 5 RCs in 15 different countries. God also directed MIP website updates, videos, blogs and so much more. We now have prayer sheets available in 20 different languages. Additional thanks  to Him for expanding the prison ministry to Canada, Malawi, Nicaragua, Paraguay, Romania, South Africa and Zimbabwe.

Africa… Because you asked, God paved the way as an ILD (International Leadership Developer) traveled to Kenya to share MIP where approximately 60 women came and eagerly embraced the simple concept of Moms in Prayer. As a result, five new groups have started. She also shared the mission and vision with Pastors from Uganda and Namibia.

Asia… Because you prayed, God refreshed 49 moms at Moms in Prayer’s first Japanese Retreat as they shared times of dynamic worship, teaching, discussion and prayer for each other. In another country in Asia, an ILD shared MIP at a church and then invited moms to stay to learn the 4 Steps of Prayer – 22 moms stayed! The Pastor’s wife was so encouraged that she announced a MIP hour was starting the next month at their church! Five other groups are starting in this same area also because of that meeting!

South America… Because you asked, the Lord answered. More than 75 MIP leaders traveled to a Leaders event and heard a message of “being clothed in power from on high” from Luke 24:49. With much joy, our South American Director and a Country Coordinator were formally commissioned.

North America… Because you cried out, our Father has started more new language based groups in the USA: Ethiopian, Korean, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish. Also an AC is sharing MIP with pastors of Vietnamese churches. A radio program in Ohio prompted sharing MIP at a local church the next Sunday! Plus He is giving young moms ears to hear and hearts to obey His call to step into needed positions of leadership. Every college campus was adopted and prayed for on the Collegiate Day of Prayer. One recent inquiry led a mom with both college-aged and a special needs youth to come to a group the very next morning. Praise the LORD for state Impact Gatherings with new ACs and team members, leaders encouraged to step out in faith and serve Him in MIP in their areas, and a sweet time of fellowship, prayer, learning and equipping. Two ACs and one RC were birthed from a very successful United event in Northern California. “Seasoned” MIP moms are mentoring young moms. One gathering had three young moms from the same elementary school who are now reaching out to other moms to begin praying in September.

May the LORD’s unfailing love rest upon you, even as you put your hope in Him.  Psalm 33:22

Moms in Prayer Staff