A Few of My Favorite Things – One Accord Prayer

All these with one accord were devoting themselves to prayer, together with the women and Mary the mother of Jesus and his brothers. Acts 1:14 (ESV)

I stood beside a dear friend of mine at a conference recently with hands lifted high in worship to the King of kings and wept with joy. Our hearts were one as we praised God with the hundreds of women around us. It took my breath away, standing there. To be united in a common purpose and a common love is definitely one of my favorite things!

Strong’s Concordance gives us the Greek root word and definition for “one accord”—Homothumadon: “with one mind, unanimously, at the same time.” There is something so unifying and powerful about doing a task in “one accord.” This is especially true in prayer. Praying in one accord with Moms in Prayer women has been priceless to me.

I’ve learned that praying with another means sharing the prayer. I am quite extroverted and verbal and could easily take all the air space praying on and on and on. One accord prayer has taught me to pray with others as a team, each participant an integral part of the praying. Short prayers mean more prayer because more people are involved together. One accord prayer is not selfish, taking all the allotted time to just say what’s on my heart. It’s inclusive, wanting and needing others to come alongside and pray with me. Sharing is good.

I’ve found that when we stick to one subject at a time, as a group, that subject is thoroughly covered in prayer. Each participant contributes as the Holy Spirit leads. When we skip around, praying for many diverse topics one after the other, we lose the ability to go deep with a prayer request, covering every aspect of it in detail. How much more powerful it is to unite in prayer for one request at a time until that one request has been brought to the Lord in every facet and detail.

I’ve discovered that praying with others enriches the whole prayer time, because each woman brings to the prayer her listening heart verbalized. God speaks uniquely and personally to each one of us and the literal concert of prayer that results from sharing the conversation with God is breathtaking in its harmonies and nuances. I can’t do that alone.

I’ve experienced God’s power through one accord prayer that is undeniable. I’ve felt the awe of crying out in a group for a lost one … a hurt one … a far-away one … and God’s power is manifested in the intensity of praying together for that precious sheep of His. There is nothing like it.

We were meant to walk together in the Christian life. Most references to prayer in the Bible are about corporate prayer. Praying with others keeps me more focused than praying alone. I am strengthened when I hear the faith of another manifested through prayer. God gives us a sense of belonging and teamwork and “family” when we humble ourselves and share the prayer. How thankful I am to have learned this powerful way of praying through Moms in Prayer. It’s one of my very favorite things.

Sharon Gamble, former USA Country Coordinator