Frequently Asked Questions – Prayer Sheets

How long should I take on each section?

Spend at least half your hour in intercession. Here’s a guide-Praise: 8-10 min; Silent Confession: 2-3 min; Thanksgiving: 5-8 min; Children: 10-15 min; Teachers: 5 min; Schools: 10 min; Moms in Prayer: 5 min

Why should I pray for only one of my children?

As you intercede for your child, you are standing in his shoes at God’s throne! Bathe this child in prayer instead of spritzing several…and it’s hard to wear more than one pair of shoes at a time! Please use the prayer sheet on your own if you want to pray for your other children  throughout the week.

Do I pray for the same child Scripturally and specifically?

You can pray for different children during these steps. Ask God to show which one to cover when.

What verse do I use if the teacher I am praying for is a Christian?

If the teacher you are praying for is a Christian you can pray the verse you used for your child.

I understand that one accord prayer is a hallmark of Moms in Prayer. Is that style used just in intercession or throughout the prayer time?

Yes, we use short, simple conversational prayer presenting one subject at a time throughout our Four Steps of Prayer.

Where can I get a list of teachers/staff at my school to pray over?

Check the staff section of your school’s website to get a listing of names that can be rotated during the school year so that all get prayer coverage.

May I ask for prayer requests for School Concerns from my public school?

Our groups never pray in or ask anything of our public schools, including the opportunity to promote Moms in Prayer. We want to graciously respect people with different faiths. For the  School Concerns section, ask God to guide you and check out the Booklet and/or Leader’s Guide for some beginning ideas of how to pray specifically.

Could my group pray for schools near me that don’t have a Moms in Prayer group yet?

Yes, of course!  Please use the Moms in Prayer Concerns time to briefly ask God to help moms discover and begin a group to cover specific schools near you!