The Beauty of Broken

I come from a broken family. And despite my very best attempts to produce a formulaically perfect Christian family in my second—the reality is that I still come from a broken family. We are messy – gooey in the middle – and I love my family more than I ever thought possible, brokenness and all. I love who they are and I love who they have made me to be.

I’ve come to discover that God offers hope in the form of “broken family values”—values like commitment, courage, humility, reality, relinquishment, diversity, partnership, faith, love, respect, forgiveness and thankfulness. He understands that no one is perfect. He knows the unique journeys of loved ones. He gets it that abnormal is actually pretty normal. That people mess up and yet are worthy of respect and love and are never—ever—without hope. God holds each family close, crying with his wounded children, tenderly assembling and reassembling fallen fragments, creating us into better versions of ourselves.

God doesn’t sweep the broken up into a dustpan and discard it. In order to reach the broken in our world, God himself broke, allowing his own Son to die a broken death on a cross for us. He brings beauty in the broken.

I come from a broken family. I still come from a broken family. And I’m pretty sure I’m not alone. I’m pretty sure that my story is likely yours too.


Elisa Morgan, M.Div, is the co-host of Discover the Word, speaker and author of books, The Beauty of Broken and The Prayer Coin. Sign up for Elisa’s blog, “Really” or book Elisa for your next event at 

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  1. There is no perfect family although it may look perfect to the outsider ,its impossible we are all sinners. The hope we have is through Jesus Christ as he died for our sins. He knows we cant be perfect but as we go through life we strive to be what he wants.
    The fact that this lady was honest and shared her inter thoughts is wonderful and it looks like this is what this program is for not just praying for our children but sharing our significant search to be hold and giving our skeletons in our closet to the Lord by speaking of them.
    We need to openly pray for our children especially in these times of cruel and angry people we are in desperate need to be notice by hurting others.Looks like a great program for our children and others.TU

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