Kathrin Larsen , Europe Director

My journey with Moms in Prayer began many years ago when my eldest daughter was in kindergarten. Once she started school, I knew there would be many other influences around her. I realized that I had to pray…and not just short, sporadic requests but faithful, serious prayers! So I asked another mother if she wanted to join me. At the time, we didn’t know about Moms in Prayer. We started praying and within three years, the Lord connected us with the Moms in Prayer ministry.

Now 20 years later, I am a witness that God answers prayer and has performed miracles in the lives of my children, and for children and schools throughout Europe. It all started with one group and today thousands of mothers are praying! Pray that the Lord will guide the Europe team as we share the ministry with others and continue to build strong Moms in Prayer groups.

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Randi Helvig,
Regional Director in Europe-Nordic Region


In 1997 I discovered Moms in Prayer International. Soon I contacted a mom to pray with me and to this day we still pray together in a Moms in Prayer group. All these years have changed my prayer life. God brought others to encourage me and they helped me to one day say “yes” to stepping into leadership in Norway. Through this role, I met moms who were heartbroken for their children. Then to see how blessed they were when we prayed with them for their kids.

I continued to share the ministry with others so they could experience the blessing of praying together with other moms. Now in the regional director role for Scandinavia, my prayer is that God will multiply groups in the countries of Iceland, Sweden, Finland, Norway and Denmark, including the Faroe and Åland Islands.

Moms in Prayer groups also meet in these European countries. 

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