South America

If you live in South America, join the community of praying mothers!

Moms in Prayer International South America Director

Verónica Vanzetti Cabral
South America Director
Directora de Sudamérica

South America Country Coordinators

Rosana Buñes
Argentina Country Coordinator
Argentina Facebook page

Jane Esther Monteiro de Souza
de Paula Rosa
Brasil Country Coordinator
Brasil website
Brasil Facebook page

Sandra Bosch
Chile Country Coordinator
Chile Facebook Page

Paola Bedoya
Paraguay Country Coordinator

Monica de Pomar
Peru Country Coordinator
Peru Facebook page

Deisy Ordoñez
Venezuela Country Coordinator

Moms in Prayer groups also meet in these South American countries:
Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, Suriname and Uruguay
To join or start a group, email Veronica: