North Texas State Coordinator, Linda Wheeler

Should I even go to this meeting? That was the question I was asking myself all weekend after I received an invitation to a Moms in Prayer group the following week. At church, a visiting pastor asked, “Are you getting out of your comfort zone or staying in your box?” How did he know I was trying to decide if I should walk into a room full of women I didn’t know and pray out loud with them? Well, those words were just what I needed to hear. I stepped out of my box and it was the best thing I have done for myself and for my children!

Now, years later, I humbly serve as the North Texas State Coordinator and I am asking you to step out of your box! Join a Moms in Prayer group! Look around, you may already have women who desire to join you in prayer for our children and schools.

We gather weekly, fervently praying for the salvation of our teachers, administrators, students and our own children. We ask for God to be exalted in our classrooms and hallways. We pour out our hearts for our children and other believers to be bold in their faith. In prayer, we ask for more than we can imagine because we have an AWESOME God.

Experience another mom praying for your child and the joy of seeing God at work in your child’s school.

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My Moms in Prayer Story

Before my daughter started 2nd grade, we moved her to a Christian school. In her backpack was a flyer sent home about Moms in Prayer International. I had no idea what Moms in Prayer was about, but I knew if it involved moms and praying, I had to check it out!

In our Moms in Prayer groups, Thanksgiving time is a celebration of answered prayers. Sometimes I’ve seen God answer from the previous week. While others, the answer was not truly seen for years. One such prayer was for my daughter. As a little one, she was shy, tearful and we found her to be anxious about change. This was not a good recipe as she started preschool, kindergarten, and even into 2nd grade. What a blessing to have other moms praying with me for her confidence and peace. This prayer continued for 18 months. Little by little the strongholds of anxiousness and fear fell off and were replaced with confidence. Today she is on the journey to become a college professor and to have her own research lab. God took my prayers and did more than I could ask or imagine.

My husband, Glenn, and I are officially empty nesters. Both our children’s spouses have been prayed for in my Moms in Prayer group. Our oldest, Phillip, is married to Amanda, while our youngest, Allison, is married to Calvin. What a treasure to be able to pray with other women walking the same motherhood journey I am on! Currently, Glenn and I co-lead our small group from church. Plus, we enjoy playing games, traveling and all things Disney!

No one has ever seen God; but if we love one another, God lives in us and his love is made complete in us. 1 John 4:12 (NIV)