South Carolina State Coordinator, Vanessa Frazier

Vanessa Frazier,
South Carolina
State Coordinator

Only God knew the plans He had for me as He planted the Moms in Prayer seed in my heart in 2002. As a laborer in International, DoDEA, private and public schools, I heard first hand, the call to the church to rebuild the walls around our educational system.

First things first:  Who would pray? How fitting of the Lord to bring Moms in Prayer back into the picture. My motto, “If we’re not praying, we’re not doing anything.”

The first course of action was obvious… to gather with those who would pray for the godly success of students and teachers. Moms in Prayer was a perfect fit for the profile of my heart. The ministry has been a weekly resting place for me as I join with women in my area. The added blessing with Moms in Prayer is to teach women, both young and older, the four steps of prayer.

I am the proud mom of two young adults and I look forward to grandchildren in God’s timing. I am a member of Revealing Word ministry where I’m an ordained minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I love teaching God’s Word especially through Christ Teens, an after-school ministry to teenagers.

We should go up and take possession of the land, for we can certainly do it.” Numbers 13:30b (NIV)