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Global Celebration of Prayer

January 14 - January 20

God is Great
So I will show my greatness and my holiness and make myself known in the eyes of many nations.
Ezekiel 38:23a

Join us for this exciting event!

Moms in Prayer groups span the world in more than 150 countries. Each group will use the same prayer sheet the week of Jan 14-20. Praying in unity, we will cry out to God for the children and schools throughout the world.


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You can also pray individually.

Prayer Sheets

Chinese – Simplified
Chinese – Traditional
French – Europe
Portuguese – Europe
Russian – Europe

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January 14
January 20
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Comments 565

  1. We are excited to join in prayer with all the other Moms In Prayer Groups across the country and world! We will be praying from Southern California that God is GREAT!

  2. LOVED praying this prayer sheet this week with our Appalachian Division Coordinator on our NC Zoom and in my church group as well. Very sweet time of prayer! Thank you MIP!

    1. Jayme, Thanks for your comment and for letting us know that you enjoyed the time in prayer. We’re grateful for you and the groups praying in North Carolina.

  3. Cet après-midi, nous nous joindrons à la célébration mondiale pour prier avec vous depuis la Suisse, région de Bienne-Evilard. Avec joie et reconnaissance de faire partie de mères en prière….avec vous toutes 🙂

  4. In Maryland, we had two prayer sessions via Zoom this week for the celebration week with a total of 10 women praying!

  5. Our group will be joining all you faithful praying moms to lift our students and schools up, from Johns Creek/Alpharetta, Ga.

  6. Praying today, Thursday Jan 18, from 11:30-12:30 in a suburb of Houston, TX: Richmond, TX. Our group is 4-7 women from 3 churches, representing 6 schools. It’s my joy to join you all!

  7. Our school group will be praying in Parker, Colorado! We proclaim God’s greatness along with our sisters around the world! He is King!

  8. So excited to be praying along with everyone across the globe! Our group will be praying from Durham, NC on Thursday, January 18. Our God is GREAT!!!

    1. Hi Jen, We are in Durham, NC too . . . When and where do you meet? We meet on Fridays – we are primarily a college and career group, but welcome all moms.

  9. Our High School/College and Career MIP group will join in prayer using the Global prayer sheet on Thursday, Jan. 18 from Plymouth, MN!

  10. We will be praying with all of you as a group of moms of adult children in Shoreline, Oak Harbor and Seattle, Washington! (We meet via Zoom)

  11. Our Grandmother In Prayer will join you all, We represent Minneapolis/St. Paul ‘south of the river’. Lakeville, Apple Valley, Elko, Eagan, Shakopee, Burnsville and more 🙂

  12. Our college/career group of grandmothers will be praying in Scottsdale, AZ on Wed 1/17 at 1 PM. God IS great and we glorify and exalt His name over our families and country!

    1. Hello Shannon, Thanks for your comment and excitement about this special time of prayer. We’re so glad that your group will be praying in Illinois.

  13. The King’s Christian School MIP group and the Fountain of Life Center church-based group in NJ will be praying on 1/17 and 1/18, respectively.

  14. Moms in Prayer for Shepherds College in Union Grove, Wisconsin will be praying on Tuesday 1/16 from 7-8 Central Time!

  15. This week, Moms in Prayer groups across Austin, Texas, will be linking arms with our sisters around the world praying to our God who is Great!

      1. Hello Sue: Grand/Moms in Prayer at Timberlake Baptist Church will be joining the MIP Global Community in Prayer on Thursday January 18. Let the Heavens rejoice!

  16. We will be praying in MIP groups in India on 16th January under the leadership of Mrs. Aruna. Also shall be praying individually.

    1. So thankful to hear there is a MIP at Grace International in Chiang Mai! I was praying for your property search a few years back when it looked like your facilities were not going to be available anymore …
      Linda from California

  17. The moms of the Texas A&M (Corps of Cadets) MIP group will pray with you all! We have 3 Zoom MIP sessions this week (as usual), with moms from California to Colorado to Alabama to Virginia &, of course, Texas!

  18. Looking forward to partnering in prayer for our children and schools around the world this week! Our MIP group will be using the universal MIP prayer sheet this Thursday18th in Cortland, NY. Blessings to all.

  19. Our College & Career Group will join you in prayer on Monday . We are a hybrid “In person and online” group spanning: California, Texas, Arizona and Utah.

  20. Moms in prayer Corinth, Maine will be praying individually because our meeting falls on a holiday. Praise God for this global event!

  21. Houston, Tx will be praying via zoom this Wed from this global sheet. We can be sure that God hears us as we gather together and pray! Thank you for organizing.

  22. The members of our Poway, California College, Career, and Prodigal Group are so excited to join our sisters around the world to praise our great and glorious God, and to pray in one accord as we lift up our children, their schools, and their teachers, bosses, and mentors. We will meet on Saturday, January 20th from 9:00 am to 10:00 am PDT. I was also able to share the prayer sheet in with a woman Albania who has a group of moms who pray each Monday, but wasn’t aware of the Moms in Prayer ministry!

    1. Lynne, Thank you for your comment and please thank your group for joining us in prayer from Poway, California. Amazing to hear that a group in Albania will also be praying.

  23. Our N. Georgia Homeschool MIP group will be praying joining in the Global Celebration of Prayer Monday morning at 630 Eastern time.

  24. My MIP Career/College group will join on Wednesday January 17th 7-8 pm from Montgomery County, Maryland. Be blessed forever my Global Sister-Friends!

  25. Our College and Career group will be honored to join praying with others around the world celebrating the greatness of our God on Wednesday at 8:30 am.

  26. We will be praying with this Global prayer sheet as well on Wednesday morning at 8:30am from Minnehaha Academy in Minneapolis, Minnesota ❤️

  27. We are praying this week in Sycamore, IL along with all our sister across the world who believe in the power of prayer!

  28. We will be praying with you on Tuesday afternoon in Woodbridge, VA. God is indeed great and we will be anticipating God doing great things in our children’s and grandchildren’s lives and schools in this coming new year! So thankful for Moms In Prayer and all our praying sisters around the world!

    Blessings! Esther

    1. How wonderful it is to see my dear friend from Fairbanks, Alaska’s name! ❤️ Our grandmother’s group from Griffin, GA plans to pray on Wednesday, January 17!

  29. Our group in Indiana doesn’t meet up again until Monday, Jan 22. So we’ll be a bit late, but will pray this sheet then!

  30. My group meets on Mondays so we will be praying in unity this Monday and then on our own all the other days with the prayer sheets. Praying from Buckeye, AZ.

    1. Our Moms In Prayer group at The King’s Academy (Middle School + High School) in Sunnyvale, California will be praying on Thursday, January 18th from 8:10-9:10am. We will begin by singing the Hymn “This Is My Father’s World”. We are so grateful for all the resources from Moms in Prayer International!

      1. Hello Cindy, Thank you for your comment. So glad that you’ll be joining us in prayer from Sunnyvale. God bless you.

  31. We will be praying with Moms in Prayer International sisters throughout the world the GREAT LORD-willing the morning of Tuesday, Jan. 16, and, possibly, one or more other times that week. We are hoping some moms who have expressed interest in joining us will be able to do so on that date. Please pray God will open doors to other opportunities to celebrate with our sisters around the world.

      1. I noticed that just now. God seems to be laying on my heart that my theme this year is from John 10:10 — claiming, having and living the abundant life Jesus died and rose again to provide for me (and all who trust in Him). The 40th anniversary theme does seem to dovetail nicely with that.

  32. MIP group from Fairbury, Nebraska will be praying for schools and children around the world on Tuesday January 16th. So glad to be praying globally, our prayers will be heard and answered! Jesus is the Light of the World!!

      1. Josephine, Thank you for praying! I am asking God to bring other women in your area to join you in prayer throughout the school year. God bless you.

  33. Our group of 8 will join you in praying this at 5pm Thursday the 18th in Beloit ks, a bunch of gramma’s mighty prayer warriors !
    Margaret Montgomery

  34. My Moms In Prayer group meets every Monday and we will be praying in accord with all of our MIP sisters from around the world!!

  35. Yes!! Our Moms In Prayer group will be praying with you on Monday, January 15, in Howell, MI. This is a new group and we are so excited to be a part of this blessed ministry!

    1. Hello Donell, Thank you for your comment and for joining us in prayer from Michigan. May God bless you all as you gather to pray.

  36. While our group cannot meet in person that week, we will be using the prayer sheets to pray from home in State College, PA!

  37. Thrilled to pray with all of you precious mamas! Our prayer group in Garden Grove, CA unite with you in prayer. Our God reigns!

  38. I Will led Venezuelan groups to join you to this Global event. We Will be praying in Venezuela. We are excite to see what God Is going to do, because the power of prayer in unity.

    1. Hello Janet, Thanks to you and your group for joining us in prayer from Rancho Palos Verdes, California. God bless you.

  39. YES! Will be praying in Lavonia, Georgia with my grandmothers group on Tuesday, January 16th and with my church based group in Seneca, South Carolina on Weds, January 17th. I always love how moms around the world are praying the same attribute and scripture!!

    1. Barbara, Thank you for your comment. It’s wonderful to hear that you will be joining us in prayer with your group in Georgia and in South Carolina. We will be united in prayer worldwide. God bless you.

    1. Hello Laura, Thank you for your comment. We’re so glad you will be joining us in prayer from Vermont. God bless you.

    1. Marilyn, Thank you for your comment. We’re so glad that you’re joining us in prayer from Spokane. God bless you.

  40. Hello~Trumansburg, NY Grandmoms will be agreeing in prayer standing in the gap with you all for our children, grandchildren, schools, faculty, nation, world, and especially have tender hearts interceding and fasting for prodigals to return. ~Kathy

  41. MIP, GIP and Wives in Prayer will be praying with the Global Celebration of Prayer 2024!
    The Woodlands, Texas and zoom

    1. Hello Linda, Thank you for your comment. We’re so glad you’ll be joining us by praying in Texas and by zoom. God bless you.

      1. Our group in Grand Rapids, MI @ South Christian High School will be joining you in prayer. What a magnificent things, Praying world wide with our sisters in Christ! Love this!

  42. Thank you so much for this event. We love the idea of praying, world-wide, using the same prayer sheet. We are a mixed group of women, all ages and skin tones excited to pray for students around the world. God is our Salvation, our Freedom, and the Truth for all people.

  43. Our Grandmothers In Prayer will be joining on January 19, 2024. We look forward to being a part of the Global Celebration of Prayer!

  44. Our group in Hood River, OR, will be joining the Global Celebration of prayer this morning at our meeting, 1/20/23, and we are excited to take part in joining Mom’s in Prayer around the world!

  45. Greetings from the island of St. Lucia in the Caribbean. I am thankful for the opportunity to join Mom’s in prayer and to be praying for my children and children all over the world. God loves the all children and desires that they raise in His word and remain in His word when they become adults. May we as parents continue to pray for the education system that they align themselves with God’s truth. I’m connected with Sara Calloway of America. A beautiful and genuine Woman of God. Blessings upon you Sara for introducing me to moms in Prayer.

  46. Our College & Career group will be praying Friday morning in Ft Myers, FL , so excited to join the chorus of Praise around the world!

    1. Fran I am THRILLED to see you have Moms In Prayer College& Career group in Ft Myers. I’m in one in Cincinnati, but am down here til late March- hoping I can join you for winter! I was browsing the website to re- familiarize myself as I want to share MIP vision with my FL church pastor. God IS Light. The Light overcomes the darkness EVERY TIME!

  47. In Nashville, Tennessee at St. Paul Christian Academy The Classroom Prayer Mom’s will be praying on Friday, January 20th. It is is an honor to pray for our children and families and to join in this Global prayer time!


  48. In Nashville, Tennessee at Saint Paul Christian Academy the Classroom Prayer Moms will be praying on Friday, January 20th. We are grateful and honored to join with all in a Global Prayer for the hearts of our children and families. Praying God’s Light!


    1. Hello, Kisha and Caroline! I’m so excited to hear about your prayers covering Saint Paul Christian Academy and that you’ll be joining with us in Global Prayer next week! I’m in Chattanooga and would love to connect with you. You may reach me at TN@momsinprayer.org or 423.309.6001.

      God bless you!

  49. We will be praying for our adult children and their children tomorrow morning in Niceville, FL although our children live throughout the country. I have been in a MIP group since my youngest was in kindergarten! 25 years now! What a blessing! God is faithful and good!

  50. Our College Career/Grandma group will be participating in the Global Celebration of Prayer today, January 19, in Fairbanks, Alaska. We will be praying from 1-2 PM.

  51. Our MIP group at Faith Bible High School will be praying our global prayer sheet tomorrow, Thursday January 18th at 8:30am in Hillsboro,Oregon. Love to you all sisters!

  52. Our moms group will be praying at our weekly prayer session for adult children (Moms in Prayer graduates) in Plymouth, MN on January 18.
    Thank you for this wonderful global opportunity! “The prayers of a righteous person are powerful and effective.” (James 5:16) Think of the resounding prayers of thousands!!!

  53. We will be praying ‘God is Light’ in one accord from Southlake, TX on Thurs. 1/19/23 at 12:15 p.m. Thank you for this Global Celebration of Prayer!

  54. Thrilled for the privilege to pray this evening with a group of women in Garden Grove, CA. Praise the Lord who always hears and always answers according to His perfect will!

  55. Praying today with our group from holly springs, NC. So encouraged to see so many people praying! Thank you MIP leadership for initiating this!!!

  56. Praying with our Women’s Bible Study group at Redeemer Orthodox Presbyterian Church in Danville, PA! What a joy to be a part of such a chorus of prayer.

  57. My Church-based group in snowy Roseville, Minnesota will be praying globally with you on Wednesday evening at 7:15 pm. We are a global group ourselves with women from the USA, Kenya, Rwanda, Indonesia, and Colombia!

    And our college/career group will be joining by zoom on Wednesday at 1:30 pm.

    Blessings to all of you, my sisters in prayer!
    Deb Stine

  58. Our group in Dennison Texas will be praying on Feb 19th at noon , CST . It is a privilege to be a part of this wonderful worldwide community .

  59. Covina Moms in Prayer will be meeting and praying together the evening of January 17th. Thank you MIP for your calls to pray….

    1. I am so glad to see your comment on praying from Gretna, NE throughout the world! Keep the prayers going!
      God is on the MOVE! Love, E.

  60. The Norman Howard School group in Rochester NY area will be praying Friday at 1pm that our God of Light will shine in the hearts of students, teachers and staff and the dark school/world, so that all who put their trust in Him will no longer remain in the dark. ‭‭John‬ ‭12‬:‭46‬ ‭NLT‬‬

    Reading all these places and groups is so uplifting and encouraging. Praise the Lord! We are NOT alone!

  61. We (a small group in a small village) will be praying in north Switzerland on Wednesday 18th. God’s light shall spread over all the earth!

  62. Looking forward to praying tonight at 7:30pm with my wonderful group of faithful college & career mama prayer warriors in Beaverton, Oregon… May the Lord – our Light, push out the darkness of our world and shine His glory into every nook and cranny covered by shadows.

  63. Our Group will join in to be Unified with the MIPI group as well this week. May we see answers to our prayer on a global basis!

  64. Yes! Our prayer group leaders will meet this weekend to pray God is Light in Honolulu, HI, and will include praying for families under persecution.

  65. Yes God is Light indeed! Our College/Career group meeting Wednesday January 18th 7-8 pm in Montgomery County Maryland will join you in prayer

  66. We will praying here in Silicon Valley California with the rest of the Mom’s in Prayer groups around the world.
    What a privilege!
    May God receive all the glory.

  67. The St Thomas High School MIPI Group is delighted to be joining in the worldwide prayer effort during our Wednesday morning meeting. God hears us!

  68. I will be praying for all the children in the world to have an opportunity to hear the gospel today. I also will be adding that to our college and career sheet next week as we pray for RUFI staff at GMU who work with international students to share the gospel in hopes they will return home and share with others in their country.

  69. Our group for University of Illinois and our college & career northern Illinois groups will be joining you in prayer. May the Light of the world shine brightly for all to see!

  70. We will be praying in San Antonio, TX for our world that darkness will come out into God’s light and truth and we will turn back to Him at home and in our schools.

  71. Our college and career will be praying this week and participating in the Global Week of Prayer with MIP.
    Our group has been faithful and praying for over 30 years together. We have seen the power of prayer and
    so many answers to our prayers as well as awaiting the answers ” on the way.” God bless you one and all.

  72. Our little group in Wollongong, New South Wales in Australia will meet for morning tea and prayer on Tuesday 17th January. It is our long summer holidays till the end of January but we have been on break since early December and are looking forward to interceding for children (adult children in workplaces) and schools and grandchildren (toddlers to school age).

  73. Our groups will join in this global prayer this week. I’m so thankful for you in the leadership of MIP in continuing to bring outreaching prayer for our children, grandchildren, and schools. Our families desperately need the undergirding of prayer in this chaotic world. Thankfully, God is on the throne, and our prayers make a difference. Blessings to each of you.

  74. Our group that prays for Lake Norman Charter School will pray on Monday via Zoom since our regular time on Mondays falls on a school holiday.

  75. We will be praying for this event on sunday 15th january after the service with women of our local church. Then on wednesday at 6:00 pm.

    1. This GRANDMA WILL BE WATCHING as well as PRAYING TODAY. I will also get w/my group Leader for updates.
      S. Jackson

  76. We, in Woodland Park, Colorado will be praising, thanking, and interceding with moms all around the world this coming week for the LIGHT of life to shine in the lives of all our children and their generation(s). We are blessed beyond measure to bathe all in His perfect word.

  77. Our MIP group in South India will be joining you all in praying for our children, on the 19th, 10 AM.
    May the Light of His presence and His Word shed abroad in the hearts of all the children prayed for in this week.

  78. Mothers and grandmothers from The Woodlands, Texas, Dallas, Texas, Highlands Ranch, CO, Grand Haven, MI, that all meet by Zoom, are joining in prayer

  79. Our elementary school group (North Grove Elementary) will be praying in Sycamore, Illinois this week. This is such an encouragement that we are not alone! Thank you.

    1. Where are you located? I support a Christian school in Baiima, Kailahun District. I would love to get them praying too!

  80. Ithaca, NY we will be meeting in person on Friday 1/20 12:15, also covering all the schools in our area of Tompkins and Tioga counties.

    1. That is wonderful, Nadine! Bozeman is my hometown and it’s exciting to know we have prayer Sisters there, too!
      Praise the Lord of Light!
      In Jesus’ Love,

  81. Our Westchester/Rye Neck College/Career Group (NYS, Region 07, near New York City) will be joining this GCOP on Wed. January 18th at 5:15 p.m. using the God is Light prayer sheet. We are delighted to be part of this ministry and continue to pray weekly for the four countries NY State has been assigned to pray for in our MIP groups: China, Italy, Kyrgyzstan and Norway. We will pray for children and schools worldwide that the Lord would bring children, teachers, professors, administrators, etc. into His Kingdom as mothers (and other women) gather to pray.

    Sally Burke’s/MIP participation in the one hour that many ministries gathered to Stop the Violence (through Claim Your Campus) was such an encouragement on New Year’s Eve!

  82. We will be praying in Galway New York along with the other schools in Saratoga County. Thank you everyone for keeping this prayer ministry a priority. God is answering our prayers because He is our faithful, all powerful, most loving Father!

  83. Our College/Career MIP Group in Scottsdale AZ will be so joyful to join with moms around the world to pray these prayers on THU Jan 19 at 9:00am!

    1. Awesome, Susan!! We’ll be joining you and all the others around the world praising our great God from Northern Arizona – both a grandma group on Monday, January 15th, and a prodigal group on Friday, January 19th (and I’m sure there will be others joining from the Grand Canyon state!)

  84. Moms in Prayer Amelia Island, Fl will be using this prayer sheet Jan 12. Excited to join moms praying and proclaiming globally that God is Light!

  85. Our MIP college/ career group will be using the Global Celebration of Prayer Sheet Wednesday January 18th. Uniting our hearts in praising our God who is LIGHT and interceding for children and schools together with praying moms/women around the world. Thank you for leading us and providing these resources.

  86. Moms In Prayer Senegal – West Africa will have different groups praying in one accord with you through out the week.

  87. Our College and Career MIP group in Grand Junction, Colorado, will be happy to join in on this wonderful endeavor! May this be a sweet murmuring to our Father in heaven as He hears the prayers of women around the globe through this entire week!

  88. Our MIP College and Career group which meets in Houston, TX will be praying this special God is Light prayer sheet at our weekly MIP meeting on Wednesday January 18 at 2 pm.

  89. Our College and Career MIP group in Cincinnati will be joining in the Global Celebration of Prayer using the “God is Light” Prayer sheet!

  90. Yes, our Grandmothers in prayer group in Gilbert, AZ will be uniting in prayer on January 18 with all of you World wide! Such a blessing!

    1. Our group of 5 grandmothers will be praying for our/your children and our/your schools.
      We were a part of Mom’s In Touch from 1985-2017. We will be reuniting on the 18th at 1:00 pm.in honor of your prayer week. (Our original meeting time.) We will also be praying for our grandchildren also. So many prayers answered during those precious years and to this day. You never stop praying for your kids. I pray for the closeness of your group and the continuation of your commitment. This IS your highest calling.

      He IS the Light to our paths,
      Love, Debby

  91. We will begin our MIP time for 2023 next Wednesday, here in Stuttgart, Germany, and we will be praying with you all in one accord.

  92. The two groups I lead in San Antonio will be praying.
    For God, who said, “Let light shine out of darkness,” has shone in our hearts to give the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ. 2 Corinthians 4:6 ESV

  93. Our group of praying moms/grandmas will join you in prayer on Tuesday, Jan. 17 from Aurora, Nebraska! What a joy and privilege to shoulder together in prayer with moms around the globe.

  94. Yes! Joyfully preparing our hearts to join you in prayer on January 21st, from Gulf Shores, Alabama and Hillsboro, Illinois.

  95. We will be kicking off our year with this prayer sheet on Monday 1/9 because 1/15 is a national holiday and our group will not be meeting that week.
    We are praying for The Paradise Valley unified school district in North Phoenix and North Scottsdale Arizona!

    1. Yay, Sandra! And, we will be praying up in Northern Arizona – Yavapai County – in one accord with our sisters around the world! God is Light, the source of all that is true.

  96. Will join in prayer with a church based group and a Zoom group in Alaska (one Zoom grandmother from New Mexico!)

  97. Linfield Christian Schools (ES, MS, HS) in Temecula, CA, will be praying along with our wonderful MIP groups around the world! What a blessing this will be to our groups, our children, and our schools!

  98. My two groups in rural Eastern Washington will join in this global prayer. How wonderful to pray in one accord with our sisters from around the world!

  99. Yes! Our MIP group will be joining you in unity as one and using this same prayer sheet. We are in Lodi, California!

  100. Excited about praying in unity with moms in prayer warriors from all over, here in our group in Jacksonville NC on Thursday January 19th!

  101. Our church-based MIPI group in Cypress, Texas, will join our voices with those of other praying moms around the globe on Wednesday, January 18, 2023. We will lift up our voices to God, our light!

  102. Our Hope College Moms in Prayer group will be praying during our prayer time on Jan 18th. We are a group of moms from many states that pray on Zoom together for Hope College in Holland, MI. Thank you Moms in Prayer for all your resources!

  103. Our group in Northern Virginia will be joining our sisters worldwide in unified prayer for the next generation! God is light and in Him there is NO darkness AT ALL!! May His light shine brightly through us in 2023!!

  104. Amen! We will be joining you all in praying in one accord from Middletown, RI. Rejoicing together in The Light of Jesus!

  105. Our moms will be praying here in Anderson County South Carolina! We are so excited to join this journey! Thank you, MIP for what you do!

  106. What a privilege to pray in one accord with mothers, grandmothers, aunts, and ladies all over the world!! I LOVE this organized opportunity. Our Virginia Beach, Virginia (Great Neck Area) group for school age and also college and career group will be united with other MIP groups praying God is Light. Lord hear our blended voices to You in praise and supplication!

  107. Yes, our grandma/career group will be praying that week in Beavercreek, Ohio. It is a pleasure to pray along with our Sisters in Christ.

    1. I will be praying with My Beloved Sisters all over the World

    1. Love you Gerri and looking forward to praying with you in our MIPI group for the Global Celebration of Prayer! Praying now for our Father God to prepare all of our hearts to pray around the world in One Accord Agreement Prayer for HIS Glory!
      Love in Jesus,
      Karen Greenwell

  108. Oh Lord Jesus, let your light shine!!! Our prayer group in San Diego, California, will join the sisters around the world to pray on Jan 19.

      1. Hi Lesley, I lead the English speaking group here in Stuttgart, Germany. We will begin meeting again next week and will be praying with you all! Have a blessed New year!

  109. Shepherds College Moms in Prayer (Wisconsin) will be praying along with our sisters around the world on Tuesday January 17, 7-8 pm Central Time.

  110. The Haitian mothers and grandmothers United will be praying from all around Philadelphia, Canada, Boston, Miami, Santo domingo, Connecticut ,Haiti for our school aged ,college and universities all over the world.

  111. I have a Tacoma Wa.State group n a Puyallup,Wa.State groups that will be praying with all of you.
    Thank you for that.

    1. I grew up in Federal Way and I am thrilled to hear that Moms in Prayer is in that area! I lead a zoom group just south of Atlanta, Georgia and we will also be praying God is Light that week.

  112. Our Mercer Island, Washington group will be praying! Expecting great spiritual breakthroughs through the power of united prayer. Praise the Lord!!

  113. What a privilege to gather in Spirit with the world ..our group gladly will be united with other MIP groups this week as we imagine the Lord hearing our blended voices to Him in praise!

  114. Very excited about this! We will be praying in Fayetteville, GA….and all across Africa. I hope to join together with some of my sisters in African countries that special week of prayer.

  115. Our Grandmas group in Salina, Kansas will be praying for the Light of the World to snuff out the darkness in our schools and families worldwide!

    1. Praise God Ladies for the power of prayer
      Hallelujah ! I agree with the prayer of faith on behalf of our children, schools and nation. Therefore, we will be praying for the global week of prayer in the moms in prayer group on Tuesday, January 16, 2024. God bless, Carolyn Area Coordinator

    1. We will be praying in Las Vegas and Henderson Nevada for all children and schools worldwide and the parents as well and all the mothers in prayer and that the Lord continue to use you. I’m asking my sisters in MIP to do the same as well and pray for a rise in children in the hospitals due to the flu and RSV. Thank you!

      1. My MIP prayer friend and I from the region of Basel/Switzerland will pray in our group this Friday morning the Global prayer sheet. God bless you all.

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