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Praying for Europe

The global pandemic has not stopped the movement of God in Europe and Israel. Today Lee sits down with Moms in Prayer Europe Director, Kathrin Larsen, to discuss the challenges families and schools face in 2020 and the open door that has been brought about through suffering. Listen in as they discuss the prayer strategies God has used to work a softening in the hearts of children throughout Europe.

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God using challenges in 2020 to bring us back to the heart of GodShow Notes:

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About our Guest:

After 20 years of praying with Moms in Prayer, Europe Director Kathrin Larsen has seen God move and is a witness that God answers prayer, performs miracles in the lives of children, and for children and schools throughout Europe. Kathrin and her family make their home in Switzerland.

Prayer Groups in Europe Kathrin Larsen Moms in Prayer Europe Director

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Comments 3

  1. Parabéns!!
    Brilhante trabalho que se estende à todas as nações dando suporte à mães que oram por seus filhos.
    Deus seja glorificado em toda sua atuação internacional. Aleluia!! Amém.

  2. I was so greatly blessed to work with Kathrin in the U.K. during a few short years I lived in England. God used the experiences I had in MIP in the U.S.A. to help build up prayer in England. Kathrin and her team were such a support to me and helped me step out in faith as a foreigner in a strange land. I found the women of prayer in Europe to be strong in faith and courage. What a privilege it was to experience their faith and be encouraged by them.

    1. Karen, thank you so much for your encouragement! I will never forget our meeting in Oxford when we were at Jesus College. It was built by Queen Elizabeth in 1571. We were all deeply touched by the legacy of this college and also encouraged that our prayers are also such a legacy for our children and grandchildren….Thank you for all your work for MIP UK.

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