Moms in Prayer has been such a blessing for me with my youngest child. She is three years old and hard to parent. When I hear other women praying for the concern for my child, it lights up my heart.
—Amber, new group member

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7 Ways to Gather & Pray When You Have Little Ones

1. Meeting once per week is best, but if schedules are too busy, pray once every other week.
2. Pray on a week night when kids are in bed, early in the morning when dad’s at home, or on a weekend.
3. Adjust prayer time: 1 hour is optimal but can be shortened to 30 minutes.
4. Ask your husband, mom (grandma), a trusted neighbor, or homeschool student who needs a service project, to watch the kids while you pray.
5. For groups that include 4 or more moms, trade off watching the kids once a month and less often the more moms you have.
6. Walk babies/toddlers to the park in strollers while 2-4 of you pray using mobile prayer sheets.
7. Shorten intercession time by praying your child’s name in the scripture verse and one specific request. Your partner in prayer agrees, then switch. Also, pray one request for their preschool, future school, or where their older siblings attend.