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When The Mountains Don’t Move

The first time I learned about the practice of praying Scripture for my children was at a Bible study when my boys were little. Both my sons had received several diagnoses that kept me busy with their never-ending appointments and left me struggling with chronic anxiety.

I prayed and prayed for my boys. Mainly for them to be healed. To start talking. To acquire the next milestone in their development. And for my own heart and mind to be at peace. I believed the words of Mark 11:23, that with faith my prayers could move mountains.

When the mountains I was praying for didn’t move, I found myself discouraged by prayer and questioning if God was good.

And so at Bible study, when our leader asked if any of us had any prayer requests, I suddenly found myself sharing all the struggles and doubts and questions that had been weighing on my soul and my mind. After it all came spilling out, I looked at my hands clasped tightly in my lap, fearful of their reaction to my vulnerability and yet yearning for God to move through one of these women.

I will never forget what happened next. Without anyone saying a word, each woman abandoned her chair and Bible study materials and gathered around me. Each of them laid a hand on me and they took turns praying over me. Warm, salty tears spilled down my cheeks and splattered onto my jeans as I listened to the prayers of these women. I honestly don’t remember a single specific thing that was prayed over me that night, but what stands out so clearly to me is that every single woman incorporated Scripture into her prayer.

They took turns boldly declaring the Word of God over me, my anxiety, my faith, my struggles, my children, and my marriage.

Scriptures they had memorized and perhaps even clung to in their own moments of need were infused into their prayers and claimed over me, my faith, and my family.

I felt the peace and love of God in that moment. I experienced the power of praying Scripture and the power of praying together in a community. And I wanted to experience that power, peace, and love for the rest of my life.

I was so moved by the way those women included Bible verses in their prayers for me and my children that I was determined to learn to do the same. I devoured books and blog posts about praying Scripture. The Bible became a new treasure trove of possibility to expand my prayer life. I looked up Scriptures I wanted to pray for my children and began embedding those precious verses into my fervent prayers.

One of the many things that I love about Moms in Prayer is how we spend time lifting up each other’s children to the throne of God with the very Word of God. I know I’ve prayed before for specific things for my children, but hearing other people use God’s powerful Word as they are praying for my children makes my mama heart feel so much peace and encouragement. Our hearts are united and our prayers are aligned with the will and Word of God.

I had prayed and prayed that God would miraculously heal my sons, calm my anxiety, and restore my faith.

But the practice of praying Scripture helped me lay down my own desires for my children and pray for God’s will for them, and for me as well.

God helped me to see that my children weren’t broken or in need of healing, but that it was my own heart that needed His healing touch.

How to move mountains in your lifeAnd as I continued praying Scripture for my children, not only did my faith and my prayer life grow stronger, but my children began to flourish before my eyes. They slowly yet steadily gained new skills and their speech began to blossom.

So yes, God can move the mountains we ask Him to move. Prayers are prayed and then bodies are healed, souls saved, and needs met in miraculous ways that could only be orchestrated by God. He was and still is a mountain-moving God.

What I’ve learned is that often the mountains God moves are the ones in our own hearts and mindsets. And God moving those mountains, changing the terrain of our hearts and minds as our will is aligned with His will, is just as miraculous.

Pray with me

Father God, we thank you for the gift of prayer and that it has the power to change things, whether that be in our circumstances or in our hearts. May we be fully devoted to prayer and your Word. Lord, increase our faith in you and in the power of prayer, so we may fully believe that prayer has the power to move mountains. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.


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Praying God's will for my sonsJenn Soehnlin is the author of Embracing This Special Life and writes about embracing faith, praying Scripture, and navigating special needs parenting at Embracing Life as well as on Facebook and InstagramShe is a Moms in Prayer group member who finds joy in spending time with her husband and two sons, reading books, savoring coffee shop chats with friends, and exploring nature’s wonders.

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  1. Beautifully said! There is so much strength and healing in community! The Word is truth, so when we partner those things, God is there in power! He brings all of himself in full strength.

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