Praying For Special Needs Children

Pray with other moms who understand the unique challenges that come with raising a special needs child.

Dear praying mom,

Moms throughout the United States usually anticipate their children’s return to school by the beginning of September. However, this summer, many of you did not know whether your children would be taught in-person at school, remotely at home, or some combination of the two! Therefore, I thought it timely to choose “Hope” as our attribute for the month.

I made an interesting discovery as I looked at Jeremiah 29:11(NIV), one of my all-time favorite verses: For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. The Hebrew word used for “hope” here is tiqvah, which refers to anticipation and expectancy that something will happen. However, tiqvah can also refer to a piece of cord or rope, like the one Rahab tied in her window in Joshua 2:21. Her doing so showed that Rahab confidently expected the Israelites to spare her and her household when they returned to invade Jericho. Seeing Hebrews 11:31 confirm that Rahab DID not perish during the fall of Jericho inspires me to hang onto God and trust Him with my children’s future!

You might find it helpful, as I do, to gather with other moms for prayer to re-focus attention away from our burdens and onto God, Who is our Source of hope and provision, to give thanks for His guidance and protection, and to pray for one another’s children and their schools.

Love and blessings,

Tricia Han
Special Needs Praying Moms Liaison

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See Prayer Calls Below

Our Moms in Prayer Special Needs team conducts prayer meetings via conference calls specifically for moms who have a child with ongoing special needs.

Here is information about our September calls:


Start Time


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10:15 AM Central

Martha Little



2:00 PM Pacific

Laura Kahn-Azzopardi



9:00 PM Eastern

Tricia Han

2:00 PM Pacific Time = 3:00 PM Mountain Time = 4:00 PM Central Time = 5:00 PM Eastern Time

The calls are listed according to the time zone which each facilitator considers “home.” However, you are welcome to participate in any of the above calls, regardless of which time zone you live in. If you notify the facilitator of the call you intend to join, she will be glad to send you the prayer sheet.

For further encouragement and equipping, watch the Moms in Prayer Livestream Event, Hope Arising, on Thursday, September 17th from 10-:1130am PST.  Find out more and sign up!

Please let me know if you’d like assistance in finding or starting a Moms in Prayer group!

– Tricia Han,