Bless Our Schools Sunday

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Date(s) - 09/15/2019
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Bless Our Schools Sunday is September 15, 2019

Every year on the third Sunday in September, churches around the world pray for the schools, teachers, staff, and students in their congregation.

As a result, students and staff feel bolstered in prayer and ready to stand firm in Christ. Moms unfamiliar with Moms in Prayer discover a powerful way to impact the lives of their children and schools.

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What people are saying about Bless Our Schools Sunday:

“The pastor at our church incorporated BOSS into our corporate prayer time. During the service, we formed small groups and prayed fervently for our school district, leaders, staff, students and families, using the BOSS prayer sheet bulletin insert as our guide. It was a powerful time of focused prayer. After the service, two couples who were visiting were retired school administrators. They were so moved that a congregation would intercede for our schools that they requested Moms in Prayer information to share with their congregations back home”—Mary, Moms in Prayer member.

“At my church, I prepared a 3-minute talk and wrote a blessing. It was very moving to see the students stand to receive the blessing and the teachers, and entire congregation participating with outstretched hands. After service, a woman stopped at my table and said, ‘I could do this!’ So with just two of us, we began a church-based Moms in Prayer group. Soon we had two more, then six  we now have ten! Each September the ladies, representing countries in Africa and South America, a grandma, a brand new mom and all ages in between, share their MIP testimonies with our congregation. The Lord is so good to draw us together in Moms in Prayer”—Deb, area coordinator.

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  1. I just wanted to share how God moves even in the smallest of congregations. The pastor at our church is a big supporter of Moms in Prayer and he wanted to incorporate the Bless Our Schools Sunday into our corporate prayer time. When the service started he shared how God spoke to him in his morning devotionals in reading that a believing body needs to be practicing what they believe. We have been focusing on praying, caring, and sharing and so he felt led to pray for our schools, especially administrators, during the sermon time instead of having the usual prayer time at the beginning of the service. We were asked to move into small groups and we prayed fervently for our school district, leaders, staff, students, and families. We used the 1/2 sheet BOSS bulletin insert scripture sheet as our guide. It was a powerful time of focused prayer just on our schools and all affected by them. After the service, our pastor shared that although he was led to do things differently he was also hesitant because we had visitors joining and he wasn’t sure how it would go over by doing things differently with a short sermon and a lot of praying. Nevertheless, he was obedient. When the 2 couples who were visiting introduced themselves after the service he was overjoyed and shared how grateful and encouraged they were by the service and BOSS. It turns out that 2 of visitors were retired school administrators and were so moved that a congregation (no matter the size) would intercede for our schools in such a focused manner. They requested information on Moms in Prayer and Bless Our Schools Sunday to share with their congregations back home. God is so good! He uses small means to have large impact! Praise to God and thank you for Moms in Prayer!

  2. Prayer request as B.O.S.S will be presented at Grace Community Church in the QC region. Pray that many more moms will be thrilled to take part of this beautiful ministry.

  3. I am asking prayer for my oldest son JaDyn. He is going to a new school. He tries so hard to fit in. JaDyn is a follower. In addition he has ADHD. I pray that he would choose a good group of kids to be around. Furthermore, some kids that would not steer him down the wrong path. That he will be able to stay focus in class and not be sent to the office. I pray that he will successfull make good grades or better yet make the honor roll. These things I ask in the name of Jesus Amen

    1. I also pray for JaDyn. How old is he? My daughter just started middle school and I totally understand the need for prayer. 🙂

  4. Pour ce Grand evenement nous allons nous joindre a vous et nous allons inviter les Professeurs pour qu,ils recoivent la Main de Dieu afin d,etre proteges et soutenus par Jesus.


    1. We are so excited to hear you are going to participate in Bless our Schools Sunday. We wil continue to pray for the furthering of the mission and vision of moms in prayer in the Domcinican Republic. May God’s will be done. Blessings to you.

  5. In our community, we do a prayer walk at each school in our district and surrounding districts. Students, Teachers, Administrators, parents, youth groups all gather at the school of their choice. It is a special time. The day fall on the Sunday night preceding the start of classes. This year it is on August 20

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