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My heart for college ministry began in my own college years, where a discipline of prayer was established and strengthened. My go-to prayer warrior was my grandmother.  In addition, another student and I covenanted to pray each week—together and on our own.  Today, I love working with college praying moms as we ask God for revival and spiritual awakening on our campuses. With both my sons now in college, I see an even greater importance that as moms we gather to pray for students and faculty at our colleges and universities—the most influential sphere on our future culture-shapers.  As colleges go, so goes the nation. Praying they go with God!

Sanctify them by Your truth. Your word is truth.  John 17:17 NKJV

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There are approximately 3,500+ colleges and universities in America. They are home to about 21 million students. Every May, 2.8 million 4-year degree and above students graduate, flooding our marketplace educated mostly in a worldview hostile to Christianity. There are 1.5 million professors—and they are five times more likely to identify themselves as atheists than the general public. Roughly 60-80% of Christian students leave their faith behind once they are confronted by intellectual assaults they have not been trained ahead of time to withstand and answer. More and more students are not returning to the church unlike the previous generations. Arguably, the academy is the most influential sphere in culture. A sphere which desperately needs our prayers.

We can trace the Day of Prayer for colleges back to the 18th century in America. It was reinstated several years ago as the Collegiate Day of Prayer (CDOP) and now falls on the last Thursday of every February. It is a time of corporate, unifying prayer. A time to bring individuals and churches together to pray strategically and specifically for our colleges.

Will you begin to alert your families, friends, and churches of this important day? Watch for more announcements here and on the CDOP website on how you can be involved and tools you can use. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if Moms in Prayer moms, who already know the value of praying weekly for our campuses, could help lead the charge to have all 3,500+ campuses adopted for prayer on that day? Please join me in this momentous day as we pray for revival and spiritual awakening on every college campus in America.

Julie Loos, College Groups Facilitator