College Praying Moms

So, your kid is at college. As much as you’d like to pull the covers up over him one more time, you can’t. But you can cover him in prayer! Every week. Shoulder to shoulder with other moms who understand your joys, fears, concerns. Peace of mind is only one of the many benefits of praying in a Moms in Prayer group.

Greetings College Praying Moms!

Thank you for joining me in strategic prayer for the most influential institution in Western civilization—the college campus.

Though both my boys are now college graduates (with jobs—woo hoo!), my heart is still passionate to equip moms to pray strategically and specifically for students, professors, campus ministry, and campus issues. Despite the “campus craziness” that we see in news, the anti-Christian hostility on campus, the moral decline and the high percentage of Christian youth who walk away from their faith during these years, we press on.

Join us as we battle in the spiritual realm tearing down strongholds on our campuses and plowing the ground for God to walk on campus again. Let’s do this with “knees down and heads up.” The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective. James 5:16 (NIV)

Julie Loos

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Each Moms in Prayer college group typically prays for multiple campuses

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