Impact College Students & Campuses for Christ

Our College MIP group welcomed a new member. After only two sessions of praying scripturally for her son, he called her to ask about God. He had a panic attack the night before and realizing how fast time goes by, wanted to make sure he has eternal life! – Moms in Prayer Group Leader

6,000+ students gathered for Unite Alabama to lift up the name of Jesus!
More than 250 students were baptized.

Photo Courtesy Unite U.S.

April 2024 College Prayer Points

Thank you for praying!
Copy prayer points for the week and add under School Concerns on your prayer sheet

April 1-6

Dept: Tutoring – Prompt college administration and sports team leads to hire competent tutors who care about students by helping them understand professors’ expectations, clarifying information, & assisting with good study skills.

  • May we continue to see spiritual awakening & revival on college campuses!
  • Campus ministries will equip junior & senior students to disciple freshmen interested in serving.
  • For colleges with dorms, pray for the Resident Directors staff as they lead their Resident Assistants and care for students.
April 7-13

Dept: Information Technology – Guide students in this major into specialty areas where they are gifted, learn to practice good ethics, and are connected with the right internships.

  • Christian professors would see lost students how Jesus’ sees them – troubled, helpless, and vulnerable, and be given wisdom on how to come alongside them and be an example. “Now when Jesus saw the crowds, he had compassion for them because they were troubled and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd.” Matt 9:36
  • Pray against the enemy’s schemes to deceive professors and students in looking to worldly vices to satisfy their souls instead of God alone.
  • Pray for the Admissions staff as they connect with and recruit students.
April 14-20

Dept: Accounting – Christian students in this major will develop excellent skills for the workforce as auditors, financial analysts & consultants, tax professionals, & financial managers and be a witness for Christ.

  • Pray for focus, peace, and rest as students prepare for finals and papers.
  • Pray that students will no longer see their value from society’s perspective but come to understand the value that God has already given them.
  • Pray for Seniors to be prepared well to go out into careers and job search.
April 21-30

Dept: Nursing – Prepare nursing students both academically and practically to deeply care for people and to be placed in the right area where they are needed.

  • Give Christian students boldness to reach out to friends with the gospel, especially before summer break or graduation.
  • Help colleges prepare for graduation. Pray that students will be honored for what they have accomplished and that families will support students well by planning to attend ceremonies.
  • Students will sign up for summer conferences with college ministries.

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