College Praying Moms

Have you sent your son or daughter off to college and feel disconnected from their everyday lives? Concerned about what they’re learning at the university level? Join other moms to pray for your college kids and their campuses. Together, you’ll share comfort in asking God’s will for them as they embark on adulthood.

Each Moms in Prayer college group typically prays for multiple campuses during their weekly prayer time.
College Group Liaison
Julie Loos

Julie Loos and family

My heart for the campus began in my own college years, where a discipline of prayer was established and strengthened. Today, I love equipping college praying moms to pray strategically and specifically for our campuses as we also seek God for revival and spiritual awakening in the most influential institute in western civilization. With both my sons now in college, this has even more urgency. Despite the “campus craziness” that we see in news, the anti-Christian hostility on campus, the moral decline and the high percentage of Christian youth who walk away from their faith during these years, we press on and we have hope. We are in a battle in the spiritual realm tearing down strongholds on our campuses and plowing the ground for God to walk on campus again. Join me and other college moms who fight this battle “knees down and heads up.” The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective. James 5:16 (NIV)

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Nick Hall, leader of the Pulse Movement, shares what God is doing among college students and the youth of our nation.