Impact College Students & Campuses for Christ

Welcome to the 2021-2022 prayer year for our college kids and campuses!

Do you struggle sometimes, like me, with praying “anemic prayers?” Prayers that are focused on OUR needs, wants, and concerns and filtered only through OUR perspective. We tend to ask God to do certain things according to our own understanding of how they ought to be done. Instead, deeper prayer involves more Kingdom-minded, God-centered prayers. That’s what I love about Moms in Prayer. We gather to pray and focus on the Word of God, impacting children and schools for Christ. 

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Julie Loos, Moms in Prayer College Groups Liaison

As praying moms, it is a deep joy to see the work of the Lord in the life of a wayward child. I can’t thank you all enough for crying out to Lord with me, asking God to rescue Ben from the lies of the world and the temptations that all young college students face! Now he is serving God through campus ministry. – Kato, Maryland Moms in Prayer Group Leader

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