Impact College Students & Campuses for Christ

Our College MIP group welcomed a new member. After only two sessions of praying scripturally for her son, he called her to ask about God. He had a panic attack the night before and realizing how fast time goes by, wanted to make sure he has eternal life! – Moms in Prayer Group Leader

College Prayer Points November/December 2023

“It has been a very encouraging start to the school year, with 600+ students having already indicated decisions to receive Christ” – Dan Allen, Cru Executive Director of Mission Expansion.

Thank you for praying!


Dept: Psychology – Pray for students to better understand how the mind works as created by God.

  • Guard students from anxiety, depression, isolation, & suicidal thoughts. Guide each one to Christ, to repentance if needed, and to the right help.
  • Bless our kids with discernment for the right career path and discovering their God-given gifts.
  • Pray that God will establish gospel ministries for the more than 1,700 college campuses without any.


Dept: Mathematics – Guide professors as they instruct, with a desire to help students be successful.

  • Pray that students investigating who Jesus is would be captivated by Him and make decisions to follow Him.
  • Pray for sports teams on campus to be influenced by Christian coaches, teammates, & chaplains and the skills God has given them will be used for His glory.
  • Pray that students will have the financial support they need to continue their studies and provide for their daily needs.


Dept: History – Raise up godly history majors who will go on to teach in our schools, making an impact for Christ on campuses.

  • May young men and women no longer compare themselves to others, but learn how God created them and fulfill His good purposes for their lives.
  • Pray for professors to care for students and see them as people worth building relationships with.
  • Encourage off-campus students who lack community through local Christian young adults who will invite them to church.


Dept: Chemistry – As students study matter, chemicals, and reactions, may God help them see His handiwork.

  • Give Christian students stamina and focus to honor God through faithful study for midterms & finals; may their security and identity be in Him regardless of grade outcomes.
  • Professors & students who are hurting emotionally would be invited to Christian outreach events & local churches to encounter Jesus who heals the brokenhearted.
  • Pray for God to touch the hearts of Resident Assistants (RA’s) responsible for students in dorms. RA’s will be approachable & care for the students, and students will be respectful.


Dept: Philosophy – May professors and students use critical thinking skills for God’s glory.

  • Students that can’t go home for Thanksgiving break will be invited to a good home where they will be welcomed and cared for.
  • Professors, staff, & students traveling for thanksgiving will be kept safe, value the time with family & friends, and be refreshed.
  • Those in fraternities and sororities would encourage and support one another, develop leadership skills, and serve their communities.


Dept: Political Science – Pray that students will be led to Christ & become professionals who bring about a godly shift in culture.

  • God will intervene in students’ lives who are “exploring freedom away from home,” looking to the things of this world to satisfy.
  • Give professors and students perseverance and focus to end the semester well.
  • Student leaders of campus ministries will be trained well and gain a lifelong vision for sharing the gospel, no matter where God leads them in their career or life path.


Dept: Religious Studies – Pray for godly professors in this field and that students would be led to the Truth when comparing religions to Christianity.

  • Spiritual awakening and revival would continue to spread throughout campuses.
  • Guide professors preparing final semester tests, to be fair and to cover the most important material.
  • Provide internships to students in their field of study and future job opportunities.


Dept: Custodial, Facilities, Safety Personnel – Pray for campus support staff to work with integrity, be encouraged by others, and to be receptive to the gospel.

  • Help students during finals to study and retain information so they can do well on their tests.
  • Pray for a refreshing Christmas break for all students, professors, and staff.
  • Heal relationships at home that are strained.

Enjoy your Christmas break! Look for the next college prayer points mid-January.

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