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2020 Vision

It’s a new year, 2020! I don’t know about you, but I can’t say that year without thinking of the term as it refers to vision—particularly our acuity or sharpness.

Moms in Prayer has a vision and mission that has not changed in 35 years of ministry. As we start the new year, I want to bring our focus to two strategic upcoming events. These will help keep us sharp in our vision for how we pray for the campus this year. And remember, when we look at the campus, yes, we pray for our students, but our peripheral vision extends to professors, staff, campus issues, and campus ministries to give us a complete picture of prayer for our universities.

January kicks off the American Bible Society’s Year of the Bible (2 Kings 22-23). Change came to a crumbling nation when Scripture was rediscovered and read publicly. The entire nation recommitted themselves to God in one day. What if Scripture was proclaimed publicly on our campuses? The ground has been plowed with the prayer walks from the Every Campus initiative in 2019. As we pray for proclamation, it will also help spur gospel-centered ministry formation on the 60% of campuses where there is currently no known presence.

Then in February we prepare for and participate in the Collegiate Day of Prayer (CDOP)—a united, multi-generational day of prayer for revival and awakening on campuses. Stay tuned via social media for info on our nationwide prayer call. Please invite friends, family, and churches now to adopt campuses to pray for on February 27. Help others catch a glimpse of what you do when you pray weekly. We need the entire body of Christ engaged with prayer for the campuses, and we Moms in Prayer moms can lead the charge as moms before us did who turned the tide.

We are also setting our sights on a new prayer points email/calendar schedule in 2020. These will now be sent out every other month with two months’ worth of prayer points. You can always find them listed on the college page on the website and linked to from the College Praying Moms Facebook page. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter, to keep up to date in between emails with items of interest for college prayer needs.

Looking forward to seeing what our incredible God will do on campus in 2020!

Jan/Feb 2020 Prayer Points:

Jan. 1-4: enjoy your break

Jan. 5-11: Engineering departments.  Year of the Bible—for the word of God to be read aloud on campus and draw people to Christ. Students–adjustment to new schedules and time management; roommate issues. CDOP—pray for the planning meeting and promotional efforts following it.

Jan. 12-18: Philosophy departments. Campus Ministries—spirit of cooperation, demonstrate unity on campus. Professors–teach with excellence, integrity, and fairness.

Jan. 19-25: Nursing, pre-med, and medical departments. College Churches–reach out to students and provide home away from home. Administration–to not discriminate against Christian students’ and professors’ rights.

Jan. 26-31: Math departments. Professors—research and grants to be used for good; Students–discipline in sleep, nutrition, exercise.

Feb. 2-8: Film and Theater departments. Christian students—to develop spiritual disciplines; Christian professors–to wrestle with and answer the question “As Christ-followers, what should we do in the academy?”

Feb. 9-15: Architecture departments. Christian students to have courage and boldness to stand for Christ; Campus Ministry–for the work of Faculty Commons to nurture the faith of Christian professors.

Feb. 16-22: Social Work departments. Year of the Bible—pray for a “Bible Revival” publicly and privately on the college campus. Campus issue–for peace, reconciliation, and biblical justice on campus.

Feb. 23-29: Music departments. Boards of Trustees–keep student academic needs in mind; Sports departments–to operate ethically and obey rules in recruiting. CDOP—pray for the body of Christ to engage in the CDOP and for all campuses to be adopted.


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  1. Thank you, Julie, for your time serving all the college mamas who pray for their kids and journey forward with them into the “adulting” season. Bless your heart and and encouragement. I love reading your monthly posts and how they resonate with me, even though it’s been 5 years since my baby was preparing to do what yours is doing…. finish school, and right away start a new career and marriage. It’s a lot. <3 As a group leader of both college and career moms, I so appreciate you keeping me/us there in the real parts of mothering these young adults. Time "home" with them at holiday breaks is precious. Conversations to keep connected (and praying about when to speak and when to bite our tongues) is so important. And continuing to lift these kids up before the Lord as they do life in the "school of hard knocks" or finish college/trade school work and strive for the future and "figure out" what their next step will be, is HUGE. We can get our "knickers wrapped up in a knot" and feel so anxious with some of their choices. Keeping vigilant in prayer for their hearts and choices/temptations, job searches and date/mate choices, etc. is one thing that we CAN do, regardless of what THEY do. They will choose paths just as we did at the same age; some narrow and some wide. We thank God for His faithfulness to love and go after our kids as the Great Shepherd, no matter where they may wander or where the enemy works to lead them astray. And I thank God also, for the blessings of sister-mamas to meet and weekly join hearts and prayers for these lil' adulting lambs of ours. May God grant you a wonderful 2019 full of much joy and great love.

    1. Hi Gwen. I just discovered your message here, so I apologize for the delayed reply. Thank you so much for your words of encouragement. It is my passion and pleasure to help us pray for our campuses and students. Thank you for your years of prayer. Yea team-MIP! Blessings on your new year as well.

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  3. I’m happy to founded, because my son is senior this year and I star to pray for the future college right now. I’m a youth pastor in Hispanic Church in Columbus Ohio (Cristo Rey Ministries). I try to involve our moms to pray too.

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      1. Julie, I enjoyed your letter! (on my list) made me smile.
        Even though I have a member’s guide, I have another mom I am mentoring and thought I could pass on that quick route to purchasing the leader’s guide. However, when I clicked on the high lighted word it did not take me to the leader’s guide and after more digging I was still unable to find it.

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    2. Peggy, in addition to what Sue told you about, we also hope to add a resource page to our college pages in Oct. So check back then as well. If you like our College Praying Moms Facebook page, I hope to provide resources their too in between the monthly newsletter and the items on the college pages on the website.

    1. I do not have an official group for my college – Clemson – but I started praying and walking the campus in prayer last year. My hubby even went with me a few times. I do pray there is a way to connect more of us by Skype or group phone calls to pray for our colleges. Please pray God would bring me a few other moms to pray for my college.

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      2. Dear Sue!
        I was just ‘noodling’ around this am on the MIP site as I get ready to get on our Clemson Prayer call!!
        Please contact me so that you can join us! You are an answer to our prayers!

      3. Susan Alberti, did you see on the College Praying Moms Facebook page that Jennifer Superdock is starting a group for Clemson?:
        Good Morning College Praying Moms! Looking for Moms to join our new Clemson group that prays on Thursday ams, 8-9EST! If you can get on Facebook and like our College Praying Moms page, you could connect with Jennifer.

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