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April 2019 College Prayer Points

Revisiting our House of Prayer

I just recently stood at the intersection of Washington and Ruby streets in my hometown. To the left were my grandparents’ home of 51 years, and right next door, my childhood home. To the right was my best friend Karen’s and her mom Rachel’s home. Behind me, the road I walked to my elementary school, childhood park, junior high school, and church. Ahead, a bridge over the highway, the end point of which I could not see though I had walked it many times, and in my mind it paved the way to many more memories.

Rachel’s house had just been sold and its purchase now meant there were no reasons or relationships left to bring me back to my hometown. I couldn’t fathom not having one final visit to all three houses which were a foundational trinity of sorts to my faith. I wrote to the current owners and their gracious acceptances allowed me, my sister, and Karen to visit our family homes and share the memories as we walked through each room. The builder, likely soon to bulldoze Rachel’s house, gave us a key which opened the door to reminiscing about how full of love that now mostly empty house once was. All three homes had also been houses of prayer–my grandmother’s prayers for me especially during college, my own prayers in my attic bedroom as a little girl learning to follow God, and many prayers around the dinner table at Karen’s.

We moms stand weekly at the intersection of campus and prayer. To the left is last semester. To the right is the approaching end of the academic year. Behind us, all the years we’ve prayed in Moms in Prayer groups, prayer sheets piled high mapping our journey. Ahead of us, the yet answered prayers for our children and their campuses.

Go back with me one last time before the year is over and walk through the rooms of the houses of prayer we inhabited weekly in our groups:
  • What praise attribute was especially meaningful to you?
  • How did you come to know God better through it?
  • What personal confession was a release of burden or sin held on to too long?
  • Did you confess something on behalf of the college campus, maybe especially on the Collegiate Day of Prayer, that you felt did business in your heavenly home to help release the strongholds on campus and begin to usher in revival?
  • What thanksgivings did you jump for joy over?
  • And when your heart fell to its knees during intercession, what scripture was just the right one for a burden for your child?
  • Which prayer partner spoke the words the Holy Spirit put in her mouth that you were trying to voice, but couldn’t?
  • When it came to praying for a department, a campus ministry, an issue on campus, or the salvation verse from Acts 26:18–what struck home as you ached for all the lost souls on your child’s campus?
  • When you prayed with all the college praying moms in America that the Every Campus initiative would help spring up gospel-centered ministries where there were none, did you think that one day–whether in your lifetime or after you are long, long gone–those prayers might usher in revival?

Back at my grandparents’ house, as we walked down the steep stairs of the front stoop, the new owner said, “Wait, I have something you might want.” He returned and presented us with the original house numbers which they had removed when remodeling.

If Moms in Prayer had a house number it would be 2618 for Acts 26:18 where we pray every week, “Open their eyes and turn them from darkness to light, and from the power of Satan to God, so that they may receive forgiveness of sins and a place among those who are sanctified by faith in Jesus.” When we pray that over our campuses we stand at the intersection of darkness and light, of forgiveness and sanctification. God will decide when the campus once again crosses that bridge to revival. In the meantime, our prayers pave the way.

Always remember that.

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April 2019 College Prayer Points

  • Where your prayer sheet says Teachers/Staff: paste the department of the week. Pray for the unsaved and saved administrators/staff/professors/students in that department using the two scriptures listed, respectively.
  • For the Specific Requests: pray for things pertinent to that department. You can always pray for favor for Christian professors and students and a renaissance of Christian thinking.
  • Where your prayer sheet says School Concerns: paste the next items which are categorized by ways to pray Campus Concerns for administration, students/campus ministries, and campus issues, and the #everycampus movement we are supporting in prayer this year.
April 1-6: 

1) Departments: History/Law/Government/Political Science  2) For Trustees and Administrators to protect intellectual exchange and a search for the truth on their campuses  3) EveryCampus: to mobilize intercession and launch gospel movements on campus.

April 7- 13:

1) Departments: Psychology/Sociology/Social Work   2) For Professors and Students to foster a new climate for civil and honest engagement of all ideas on their campuses  3) EveryCampus: working together to make sure that all of those universities and colleges have a thriving community of students sharing their faith, so every student will have a chance to respond to Jesus.

April 14-20:

1) Departments: Math/Sciences  2) For Campus Ministers and College Pastors to unapologetically preach the gospel message and the Word of God without error.  3) EveryCampus: For campuses needing gospel-centered ministries to get the resources they need to start.

April 21-27:

1) Departments: Religious Studies/Foreign Languages  2) For more Christian students to gather to pray for the spiritual condition of their campuses.  3) EveryCampus: for protection over those prayer walking campuses and for divine appointments.

April 28-May 4: 

1) Departments: Pray for any department you want to and/or your child’s especially as semesters end and exams begin.  2) For students’ mental and physical health as they approach the end of the semester and for the students services departments that help them.  3) EveryCampus: for the website to be a useful resource and to be protected.

Julie Loos, College Groups Liaison

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  1. Thank you, Julie, for your time serving all the college mamas who pray for their kids and journey forward with them into the “adulting” season. Bless your heart and and encouragement. I love reading your monthly posts and how they resonate with me, even though it’s been 5 years since my baby was preparing to do what yours is doing…. finish school, and right away start a new career and marriage. It’s a lot. <3 As a group leader of both college and career moms, I so appreciate you keeping me/us there in the real parts of mothering these young adults. Time "home" with them at holiday breaks is precious. Conversations to keep connected (and praying about when to speak and when to bite our tongues) is so important. And continuing to lift these kids up before the Lord as they do life in the "school of hard knocks" or finish college/trade school work and strive for the future and "figure out" what their next step will be, is HUGE. We can get our "knickers wrapped up in a knot" and feel so anxious with some of their choices. Keeping vigilant in prayer for their hearts and choices/temptations, job searches and date/mate choices, etc. is one thing that we CAN do, regardless of what THEY do. They will choose paths just as we did at the same age; some narrow and some wide. We thank God for His faithfulness to love and go after our kids as the Great Shepherd, no matter where they may wander or where the enemy works to lead them astray. And I thank God also, for the blessings of sister-mamas to meet and weekly join hearts and prayers for these lil' adulting lambs of ours. May God grant you a wonderful 2019 full of much joy and great love.

    1. Hi Gwen. I just discovered your message here, so I apologize for the delayed reply. Thank you so much for your words of encouragement. It is my passion and pleasure to help us pray for our campuses and students. Thank you for your years of prayer. Yea team-MIP! Blessings on your new year as well.

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  3. I’m happy to founded, because my son is senior this year and I star to pray for the future college right now. I’m a youth pastor in Hispanic Church in Columbus Ohio (Cristo Rey Ministries). I try to involve our moms to pray too.

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      1. Julie, I enjoyed your letter! (on my list) made me smile.
        Even though I have a member’s guide, I have another mom I am mentoring and thought I could pass on that quick route to purchasing the leader’s guide. However, when I clicked on the high lighted word it did not take me to the leader’s guide and after more digging I was still unable to find it.

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    2. Peggy, in addition to what Sue told you about, we also hope to add a resource page to our college pages in Oct. So check back then as well. If you like our College Praying Moms Facebook page, I hope to provide resources their too in between the monthly newsletter and the items on the college pages on the website.

    1. I do not have an official group for my college – Clemson – but I started praying and walking the campus in prayer last year. My hubby even went with me a few times. I do pray there is a way to connect more of us by Skype or group phone calls to pray for our colleges. Please pray God would bring me a few other moms to pray for my college.

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      2. Dear Sue!
        I was just ‘noodling’ around this am on the MIP site as I get ready to get on our Clemson Prayer call!!
        Please contact me so that you can join us! You are an answer to our prayers!

      3. Susan Alberti, did you see on the College Praying Moms Facebook page that Jennifer Superdock is starting a group for Clemson?:
        Good Morning College Praying Moms! Looking for Moms to join our new Clemson group that prays on Thursday ams, 8-9EST! If you can get on Facebook and like our College Praying Moms page, you could connect with Jennifer.

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