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Time for a Prayer Harvest? A Lesson from Bees.

My husband and I have just become beekeepers—what amazing creatures. One of the questions I get most often is “When will you have honey?”

It depends. First year keepers are blessed to get a small late summer harvest. The new colony works so hard the first season to build their new home, that the nectar and pollen they collect and convert to honey may be only enough to feed them over the winter—let alone us humans. A beekeeper’s first duty is exercising the patience to harvest, and if that means waiting until the next season, then wait we must.

So, what does this have to do with the end of the academic year in one of the craziest, most unexpected, unprecedented turn of events we have ever seen? When I wrote the March/April prayer points we were celebrating for the second year in a row (2019 and 2020) that all 4,323 campuses in America were prayed for on the Collegiate Day of Prayer (CDOP). We were approaching more than 75% of all campuses being prayer walked through the Every Campus Initiative and shifting the focus to identifying and establishing gospel-centered ministries on all campuses. Unprecedented partnerships and unity were being celebrated between campus related efforts. Then…

In the blink of an eye, we went from covering our schools in prayer to covering our faces with masks. Now, students have ‘left the building’ and are taking classes from their homes. While this new normal gives us additional need for prayer, it has also left me wondering–what of “the campus?”

And that’s where our beekeeping analogy can be instructive. Imagine how desolate and quiet the campuses must be right now when usually there is so much buzz about them (sorry; I couldn’t resist). Think of the prayers that were “walked” on those campuses; the ones directed toward the campus from homes and churches on the CDOP; the prayers students in campus ministries prayed on campus during meetings and Bibles studies. Think of all the prayers of the Moms in Prayer moms from all over the country that for two semesters have been prayed over our campuses weekly.

In the quiet of campus, what if: 

•  All those prayers are settling over the dorms, classrooms, and administrative buildings just like pollen settles on every inch of our cars and patio furniture this time of year.

•  This is as much a time for spiritual cleansing as for the physical disinfecting the building custodians are conducting.

•  The spiritual forces of darkness have left the campus for a while and God’s angel army, like foraging bees, are going out and collecting the nectar of the prayers that have been prayed over the campuses this year and bringing them to the ‘hive.’

We can pray, that at the right time, given the right climate and conditions, the honey of all those prayers will be ready to harvest. When God decides the time is right, He will bring the harvest.

Will we be patient, even in this challenging season, and continue to pray? What if when students and professors, administrators and staff, and campus ministers return to campus, the harvest is ready?

Lord, we ask that when students and professors return to campus, they will walk into a land overflowing with the sweet honey of answered prayer, harvested at just the right time. 

Prayer Points for May & June 2020

May 1-2:  (Listed on the email for March/April): Library Science, Chemistry, Economics Departments. 1) That through the work of Christian scholars, Jesus will not be sequestered from academic pursuits and others will see that Christianity is a rational explanation for the universe. 2) For students to exercise discipline and finish their semesters strong.

May 3-9:  Departments—pray for any departments/majors you feel need to be covered at your campus or for your child’s major and department. Use the school website to find the names of the department chair and decision makers. 1) Professors and students as they wrap up teaching and course work for the semester. 2) Technology availability and proper use for instruction, submitting papers, and finals. 3) Wisdom for how to handle grading, flexibility, understanding, patience. 4) Campus ministries’ work to flourish during this time and more students drawn to Bible Study.

May 10-16:  Pray for all administrative positions (chancellors, trustees, deans, department heads) in major decision-making areas during this trying and unprecedented time. 1) College administration–wisdom in handling any refunds for this past semester; decision making for the summer and fall semesters. 2) Seniors who do not get to have graduation ceremonies or finish internships or don’t have jobs lined up. 3) Families as they adjust to extended time home with students. 4) Campus ministries–creative ways to have their summer retreats and mission trips and for the gospel to flourish.

Prayer Ideas For Summer:

1)  Ask the Lord that all the prayers for the campus this past year come to fruition and that He will prepare the campus for harvest when students and professors return.
2)  Prayer walk virtually for campuses through the Every Campus website.  Find your state and the campuses without prayer walks, and help get the total to zero before the fall so every campus has been covered in prayer either by an in-person or virtual prayer walk. Have your student pray with you and model the four-steps for them using this prayer sheet.
3)  Stay engaged on our College Praying Moms Facebook page for encouragement, news, and ways to pray over the summer. Be looking for a College Prayer Sheet concerning the special needs that have arisen due to the Coronavirus.
4)  We will resume weekly prayer points in the September/October email which will be sent to you in late August.

Thank you for praying this year. BEE Blessed!

Julie Loos
College Praying Moms

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  1. So blessed to have MIP! Am limited to public library for downloading prayer sheets. It would help me if I could do that the last couple days of the next month, i.e. moving into prep for our first Feb. group w/ access to the new sheet @ the library.
    Today is Jan. 31 & no sign of the Feb. prayer sheet today on our MIP website. Since I will be tied up the next 3 days w/ Women’s Bible study, Fast & Pray get-together & hosting home group, I am a little over whelmed about having to leave prayer sheet work until Mon. for Tues. 1 pm MIP meet. Maybe I need to remember about giving thanks in all circumstances for this is God’s will for me in Christ Jesus?
    In His love, Grace Crary, West Linn OR

    1. Thanks, Julie, I think my confusion comes w/ now having same attribute for 2 months. I am sloow learner. In His love, Grace Crary

      1. Need name & phone of the new area leader for our West Linn, Lake Oswego, Oregon college/career groups. My sad story is of being computer illiterate combined w/ a week of losing my planner & being locked out of my email carrier! (1 Thess.5:18 is currently my favorite verse.) Even tried w/o success to use our MIP website to locate our main OR contact….all I could find was lst her name, then sent to a page which seemed to require signing up for g mail to reach her. Very confusing.
        Thanks for all you do to help make MIP an incredible blessing. In His love, Grace Crary

  2. Thank you, Julie, for your time serving all the college mamas who pray for their kids and journey forward with them into the “adulting” season. Bless your heart and and encouragement. I love reading your monthly posts and how they resonate with me, even though it’s been 5 years since my baby was preparing to do what yours is doing…. finish school, and right away start a new career and marriage. It’s a lot. <3 As a group leader of both college and career moms, I so appreciate you keeping me/us there in the real parts of mothering these young adults. Time "home" with them at holiday breaks is precious. Conversations to keep connected (and praying about when to speak and when to bite our tongues) is so important. And continuing to lift these kids up before the Lord as they do life in the "school of hard knocks" or finish college/trade school work and strive for the future and "figure out" what their next step will be, is HUGE. We can get our "knickers wrapped up in a knot" and feel so anxious with some of their choices. Keeping vigilant in prayer for their hearts and choices/temptations, job searches and date/mate choices, etc. is one thing that we CAN do, regardless of what THEY do. They will choose paths just as we did at the same age; some narrow and some wide. We thank God for His faithfulness to love and go after our kids as the Great Shepherd, no matter where they may wander or where the enemy works to lead them astray. And I thank God also, for the blessings of sister-mamas to meet and weekly join hearts and prayers for these lil' adulting lambs of ours. May God grant you a wonderful 2019 full of much joy and great love.

    1. Hi Gwen. I just discovered your message here, so I apologize for the delayed reply. Thank you so much for your words of encouragement. It is my passion and pleasure to help us pray for our campuses and students. Thank you for your years of prayer. Yea team-MIP! Blessings on your new year as well.

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  4. I’m happy to founded, because my son is senior this year and I star to pray for the future college right now. I’m a youth pastor in Hispanic Church in Columbus Ohio (Cristo Rey Ministries). I try to involve our moms to pray too.

    1. Post
      1. Julie, I enjoyed your letter! (on my list) made me smile.
        Even though I have a member’s guide, I have another mom I am mentoring and thought I could pass on that quick route to purchasing the leader’s guide. However, when I clicked on the high lighted word it did not take me to the leader’s guide and after more digging I was still unable to find it.

        1. Post
    2. Peggy, in addition to what Sue told you about, we also hope to add a resource page to our college pages in Oct. So check back then as well. If you like our College Praying Moms Facebook page, I hope to provide resources their too in between the monthly newsletter and the items on the college pages on the website.

    1. I do not have an official group for my college – Clemson – but I started praying and walking the campus in prayer last year. My hubby even went with me a few times. I do pray there is a way to connect more of us by Skype or group phone calls to pray for our colleges. Please pray God would bring me a few other moms to pray for my college.

      1. Post
      2. Dear Sue!
        I was just ‘noodling’ around this am on the MIP site as I get ready to get on our Clemson Prayer call!!
        Please contact me so that you can join us! You are an answer to our prayers!

      3. Susan Alberti, did you see on the College Praying Moms Facebook page that Jennifer Superdock is starting a group for Clemson?:
        Good Morning College Praying Moms! Looking for Moms to join our new Clemson group that prays on Thursday ams, 8-9EST! If you can get on Facebook and like our College Praying Moms page, you could connect with Jennifer.

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