Give Kids Courage This School Year

I started a Moms in Prayer group when my daughter, Carissa, was entering middle school five years ago. It was a public school and one other mom joined me in prayer. We were just two praying moms asking God to move. Our obedience to gather and pray resulted in answers beyond what we could imagine.

And this is the confidence that we have toward him, that if we ask anything according to his will he hears us. 1 John 5:14

Starting a Christian Club

In my daughter’s life, I wanted to see how she could cultivate the outreach gifting God had given her so I spoke with her about starting a Christian club on her middle school campus. My Moms in Prayer group asked God for His guidance. He gave Carissa the courage to write to her principal asking his permission, but he wasn’t open to the idea. The San Francisco area can be challenging in welcoming Christianity. Although it was against the law to prevent this club from starting, we let it go for the year and continued to pray.

Later that school year, Carissa asked the principal again if she could start a Christian club on campus, and once again, he said no. Our Moms in Prayer group continued praying and when I spoke with my daughter, she was calm, trusting God’s timing.

Wait for the Lord; be strong, and let your heart take courage; wait for the Lord. Psalm 27:14

Parents enrolling their kids in high school in San Francisco, submit the top three or four high schools they prefer their children to attend. The school is then chosen for them. We received news that Carissa was accepted to a high school, but I wasn’t sure about it. My son had attended another high school which I was familiar with and might have been better for Carissa academically. I listened to the wisdom of my husband who encouraged me, “Let’s watch to see what happens.”

Carissa on the steps of her high school

In Carissa’s freshman year, due to Covid, classes were held via zoom. The first day of school, my daughter and I drove to the high school building and I asked her to stand on the steps of the school. We prayed and claimed the school for Christ.

Making the Right Connections

During a school rally on zoom, Carissa, who was on the ASB team, was bold and did a dance routine to encourage her entire school. I believe that God was making a way for her even with this one act of boldness so when she returned in person, it would be easier to build relationships and to used by Him. Shortly after, she discovered a ministry that does outreach to middle and high school students, Meant for More. They provide resources and when students receive Christ, help plug them in to churches.

Prayers were being answered and then came the summer before freshman year. Carissa attended a Christian retreat for Asian youth. It was there that she met the president of the Meant for More ministry and a mentor who helped her prepare to start a Christian club at her high school!

Finally in her sophomore year, clubs opened again. Carissa discovered a Christian club that had already been on campus for 40 years named BASIC – Brothers and Sisters in Christ. Two members and Carissa showed up for the first meeting and they studied the Word of God together. Carissa thought she could bring some new ideas to the club, but waited awhile and learned from the leader.

An opportunity came for Carissa to rally the club to reach out to students on campus for Christ. She contacted the Meant for More ministry who suggested sending a Christian ex-NFL player to campus. This perked up the ears of administration at the high school and the outreach event was in the planning stage. Other students and school staff pitched in to help.

The day of the event, 160 students showed up! The NFL player spoke about the gospel and how it impacted his life. Eight students and a security guard accepted Christ.

Now the Christian Club on this high school campus includes 18 student members and the support of local churches that are discipling them. They also discovered that the two vice principals at the high school are Christians.

The Ripple Effects

God continues to work mightily. Our Moms in Prayer group noticed the Christian Club leader growing in courage and boldness. He reached out to leaders of other high school Christian clubs in the city and asked them to get together. Turns out, they all attend the same church and they’re meeting before school starts.

Praying together with other moms is the simplest, yet most powerful thing we can do for our children and their schools. May God encourage and empower other Christian club leaders and all our kids to go forth boldly this school year, sharing Christ!

Pray with me—

Heavenly Father, Thank you for being faithful and true in our lives. As moms, it’s so easy to want to take control of our children’s’ lives and love them without Your guidance. Too often, fear gets in the way instead of Your plans leading the paths of our children. Help us to be quick to listen to Your still small voice and surrender our will and plans to align with Your perfect plan for our children. As we wait on You and continue to place our hope in You through prayer and the Word, fill us with courage and strength so that Your plans may be fulfilled. Thank You that Your will is perfect, Your ways are always good, and You have the best interest for our kids. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Mira Chun is a pastor’s wife and the Women’s Ministry Director at Radiance Church in San Francisco. She has two children, a son who is 21 and attending Boston University and a daughter who is 15 and will be a junior in high school. Mira loves praying for and cheerleading her children as she watches how God unfolds His purpose in their lives. Her greatest joy right now is seeing her daughter using her gifting through outreach on her high school campus. Mira is also an Area Coordinator for the San Francisco Moms in Prayer groups. She has been married to her wonderful and supportive husband Mark for 26 years.

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  1. Our Lord is so Good! He so desires that all our children take that step to walk with him, as well as security guards like the one in this testimony. As NorCA State Coordinator for Moms in Prayer I knew when Mira first shared with me this praise that this was a testimony that needed to be shared. Thank you Mira for having written down how the Lord moved through your courageous Carissa and how your Moms in Prayer group was praying each step of the way. Yes, a major breakthrough with rippling effects in our San Francisco schools! Bring more breakthrough Lord so that more children, teachers and schools will be prayed for and more would come to know You.Raise up more courageous students like Carissa!

  2. Precious testimony Sister! So thankful for your daughter’s courage and patience in waiting on the Lord. He is Good’
    Awesome about the 160 who heard the gospel and the 9 who received Christ. Also praise God for the support of the local churches!

  3. This is so inspiring! My 12 year old is really struggling with being different, to the point that she’s not sure she “wants to be a Christian since no one her age is.” This testimony is putting me on my knees to ask God to lead and guide me with her.

  4. Praying with you and for you and your family. Also for all the children in all the stages across the world. May the Lord Jesus soften their hearts to the truth. May the Holy Spirit help open their eyes to the truth to and I pray we see many follow the Lord Jesus Christ in Faith. By confessing their sins to and repenting by asking God to create in them a new heart “ a heart that desires to love the Lord with their heart, soul, mind and strength. And their neighbor as their selves.
    Lord lead this word to not be an “Iworld” , but to be a selfless helping each other caring for one another so no one is carrying too much by themselves.

    1. Post
  5. I’m thanking God for Carissa, God’s work through her and other students and the support of the Meant for More ministry at George Washington High School. Praise God for the 8 students and security guard who are now walking with Jesus!!! God is able to do exceeding abundantly more than we can ask or imagine!

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