Moms in Prayer Endowment Fund

As a praying mom, your legacy to your children and grandchildren is your faith and prayers. Let us be a part of your legacy!

Endowment gifts are saved and managed together as a whole for the future. Only the investment income is used for current operations so that it can grow and sustain the organization for our grandchildren.

Giving to the Endowment Fund

  • Produces an annual income for Moms in Prayer to be used for our daily operations
  • Sustains the mission of this organization through difficult economic times in the future
  • Ensures prudent management with a focus on the long term
  • Blesses future generations in to perpetuity

How to Make a Gift

  • Make a donation now, making sure to designate Endowment Fund on your check or online donation
  • Make a donation later through a bequest gift from your will, trust, 401k or life insurance policy (Bequests can be made as percentages or fixed dollar amounts)
Please contact for more information and for questions about giving a gift to the Moms in Prayer Endowment Fund.

You can trust that your donation will be used appropriately and wisely to further our mission.
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