Leveraged Parents

“There is no one more influential, more leveraged, more efficient than a mom or a dad in the life of their kid.” In this episode, David Eaton joins Lee Nienhuis and MIP Director of Communications, Estha Trouw, to discuss parenting teens in this fast paced, technology rich world. David pumps courage and conviction into parents to be the chief disciplers of their children. He also covers 4 important conversations parents need to have with their children about smart phones. You don’t want to miss this one.

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4 Conversations to Have With Your Teen About Their Smart Phone

1.  Teach the big narrative: Very Good, Cursed, Redeemed.

2.  What is this tool for?

3.  Handling tools with wisdom (limits and boundaries that teach self-regulation).

4.  Remind them they can tell you anything.

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David Eaton is the CEO and Founder of Axis. David founded Axis in 2006 out of his passion to see the good news about Jesus transform students, families, culture, and the beautiful-but-broken world that we live in. Find out more about Axis here. David is married to Lindsey and they have one darling little girl, Shiloh.

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  1. Every time that I’ve attempted to access the Axis website via two different browsers, I am getting a security message like this: The owner of axis.org has configured their website improperly. To protect your information from being stolen, Firefox has not connected to this website.

    Is there another way to access this website? As I so want to pass along this resource to others.

    This might be a better question for those at Axis vs. Moms in Prayer.

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      Hello Susan, Thank you for your message. When I access the axis.org website via Google Chrome and Safari, I don’t get this message. However, I will forward your message to the Axis team and see if they can help you further. God bless you!

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