We Are Warriors

“God, please. Please keep them safe today. Please don’t let anything happen.” I hear it in her voice as she prays.  She’s terrified. And she isn’t alone. You aren’t alone.

There is something different about the women who have prayed for a long time in Moms in Prayer International. On the outside, they do all the normal things; they grocery shop, make lists, count calories, go to PTA meetings, and love their families. But threaten the children of our nation, present a situation as hopeless, whisper enemy plans, and demure falls to the wayside. These women are ready for a fight. They are warriors!

Their stories often begin like ours, and like the stories of women I’ve seen spread throughout the world. They were drawn to the ministry of Moms in Prayer because of fear. They were afraid of the things they saw on the news, afraid of their kids entering public school, afraid of the influence of ungodliness in the curriculum that is being taught.


Sweet friend, if I could look you in the eye today, I would whisper the secret I’ve learned that turns women of fear into women of boldness and courage. The answer is praise.  It’s found tucked into our Booklets, Prayer Sheets, and weekly prayer meetings. Praise is the step that changes us, the secret of the sauce.

Each week as we focus our minds and attention on one attribute of God, reading, meditating and praying Scriptures back to Him, we begin to understand our God a little more.

Week after week, verse upon verse, we gain greater insight into the competence of our God to intervene on our behalf.

While the thing that may bring us into Moms in Prayer may be our fear, it is the confidence in our great and mighty God that changes us. 

The difference between being victorious in motherhood and gaining ground for the kingdom of God today is the same as it has been throughout history.  It involves knowing our God and knowing His promises. 

The difference between desert and bounty in our faith all hinges on one thing: our ability to believe God.

“The LORD is a refuge for the oppressed, a stronghold in times of trouble.  Those who know your name will trust in you, for you, LORD have never forsaken those who seek you.Psalm 9:9-10 NIV


While the enemy looks for footholds in our lives, Moms in Prayer moms know that our God is a stronghold in times of trouble. He is the Most High. The Rock. The Sovereign and Supreme. And in His wings, we rise and shout into the darkness:

We are warriors!

If God is for us, who can be against us. If He did not spare His Son, will he not graciously give us all things? Who can bring a charge against us? What could possibly separate us? What trouble, persecution, danger, or threat can undo the love or protection of our God? What height can He not reach? What depth would He not go? Death cannot stop Him, nor demon stand against Him. We are convinced that nothing will separate us from the love of God, that He hears us when we call, and that the battle is already won. (From Romans 8:31-39)

While it may be fear that has driven us into this ministry, it is faith that anchors us and grabs hold. If there was one commonality in these women, it was that they thanked God for the fear that made them warriors.

Lee Nienhuis is a Moms in Prayer Area Coordinator from West Michigan. She and her farmer-husband, Mike, have four terrific kids that make her need Jesus like she needs oxygen. Praying with Moms in Prayer has changed Lee’s faith in ways she can hardly find words for. Visit her website at BraveMomsBraveKids.com.

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  1. Thank you, reading this gave me such encouragement, as mother’s our hearts break for our children, just as our Father God’s heart breaks for us when we suffer or are in a growing place of discomfort. This was a beautiful confirmation, yes, I am a warrior, a soldier if you will…a soldier in God’s Army, armed for battle and I will continue to stand! Be strong and courageous, I am reminded. Thank you my beautiful sisters in Christ Jesus. You all are such a blessing!

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