Renewed Hope for Your Child

We had been praying for my youngest son that the Lord would break into his life, rescue him from the darkness, and turn him toward the light. This Moms in Prayer group and their prayers helped me get through the most difficult time in my life and helped change the trajectory of my son’s life forever.— Lisa, Moms in Prayer group leader

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Prodigal Son Aaron whose mom prayed for him and now he is a pastor.




Mother prays for her prodigal son to return homeProdigal Son, Shipwrecked Mother
The Raft that Keeps Moms Afloat

Mentor Moms: We Need Each Other
Moms pray together for their prodigal sons

Prayers for prodigal sonIs God Good?
Hope for Your Prodigal Son or Daughter

Instead of worrying,
join a community that prays for our kids

Each chapter lays out a lifeline for every parent through the power of prayer. If you are looking for ways to break into your child’s darkness, their emptiness, their fears…
Raise Them Up is an excellent resource for life-changing results.— Stephanie McDermott,
Moms in Prayer Florida State Coordinator