Singing Praise in the Difficult

When Angela Ray Rodgers’s daughter, Grace Anna, was in the womb, doctors advised her to end her pregnancy.  The disabilities and challenges her daughter would face seemed insurmountable. Today, Lee sits down with Angela and Grace Anna for a conversation about life, resiliency, joy and hope. Grace Anna has a rare form of dwarfism and lives with many challenges that require constant care, but both Angela and Grace Anna see God’s love written all over their story.

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Who Do You See When You Look At Me by Angela Ray Rodgers with GraceAnna

GraceAnna Sings by Angela Ray Rodgers


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Praying with Kids Prayer Sheet-God our Savior

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About our Guest:

Angela Ray Rodgers is an inspirational speaker, advocate for people with disabilities, and the author of the touching story of her daughter in Grace Anna Sings. She manages multiple social media pages with over 1.2 million followers creating videos and stories along with her daughter Grace Anna, motivating people to find joy and live life to the fullest. Angela serves on the HART Supported Living Grant Program Council and is an Arc of Kentucky Advocate in Action.

As a former middle school science teacher, Angela knows the importance of education. She believes it is crucial to educate people of all ages on the lives of people with disabilities, to help understanding. She has spoken widely on the importance of communities and schools being fully inclusive not only in work and education but also recreationally. Angela is married to Jeff and has two amazing children, Isaiah and Grace Anna. They reside in rural Kentucky.

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