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Mom friends…

I want to share my testimony with you. Moms in Prayer is spectacular, praying so devotedly and consistently for the children. I encourage you all to join and share this with others. God wants all mothers in the world to be accompanied by such a group!

I have three small children and sometimes getting to my Moms in Prayer group is difficult because we pray on Thursdays which is the same day my husband travels. In the middle of our prayer time, my children shout, want to go to the bathroom or eat, they fall, they want to look at the camera or touch the computer, or fight (haha). At other times they behave very well.

I thought that it would be impossible for me to meet virtually. This could wait. That this was not the time. I believe many moms think the same who are in a similar situation to mine. We moms are tired, even exhausted certain days. It seems that the more time we need for ourselves, the more tasks pop up.

Here is what God put in my heart despite all the obstacles I have on Thursdays. I need to be there praying with other moms. Sometimes I don’t want to, but He calls me to take this beautiful opportunity to seek God’s best for our children.

This group is wonderful because we pray together for our children and the school and we support one another. I think of the spiritual arena which we enter, united, side by side, a barrier against evil, a barrier with an impressive strength. I imagine the Trinity, and us moms behind God, like a wall… it is beautiful! Yes, it is glorious!

Here’s how I organize my day for this time of prayer, once a week:
  • My preparation actually begins after lunch.
  • I start talking to my daughters about “mommy’s having her meeting tonight” or “later in the afternoon you will need to take care of yourselves because mommy needs to take some time.”
  • I set a routine to:  prepare dinner and leave it ready for them, bathe them earlier, and give them materials to color on while also setting the TV to their favorite cartoons.

But the joy comes later when I know that I’ve praised God, repented and understood that I am not perfect, and that He has forgiven me. When I have thanked Him for the wonderful things He has done and I’ve prayed with other moms for our children and the school. Then the balm of peace comes and I can smile and say, “Task accomplished, Lord.”

Mom who prays for her young children

During the week I’ve noticed that my daughter Victoria, while playing, pretends that she’s meeting with friends to pray on the cell phone. I recognize that I have more patience because I meet regularly with other moms to pray. These are women who also understand my concerns. Moms are even asking me for advice. I have never felt so useful, yet I am so imperfect.

So I want to thank my God and my Lord for you, dear moms. I want to encourage those who are like me, the tired and the super-powered, the teachers and the grandmothers, to take this time that opens the way for your children or grandchildren to be covered in prayer! Being a mother is the best and most important task that God gives us …it is our true ministry.

Take courage moms! We are the pillars of the future, the tools that God uses, and we are valuable to Him!

—Patricia, Moms in Prayer group member in Paraguay

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing how you are able to be part of a group even with your kids at home at that time–your intentionality in letting them know what you are doing and getting them ready with food and activity is great! You have inspired many!! Sooo glad you are making the effort–it is well worth it. For the last 29 years Moms In Prayer has been the most powerful hour of my week (outside of time spent in the Word and in the presence of the Lord.) Far outweighs my other activities in worth and benefits reaped. Keep it up–you reap benefits, your children reap benefits, and the school students and teachers do to–all the way around Moms In Prayer is a win, win, win…situation. Other moms helping to raise your children, too!!

  2. My thanks to Patricia for sharing her testimony of being faithful to pray despite it being difficult at times to do so. Thanks for sharing the pictures of you, your husband and your adorable children. As a State Coordinator it can be hard to encourage moms to come out and pray. Reading your post brought tears to my eyes as I see how worthwhile it has been for you to make it a priority. I can keep on “keeping on” encouraging the women when I read wonderful testimonies as your’s! God bless you and your precious family.

  3. Hi Moms in Prayer, I’m a grandmother of three grandchildren now and a woman of prayer. I want to encourage young moms to continue to pray for your children and their schools! Even in difficulties, continue to pray! God is Awesome and hears a mother’s prayers for her children and their schools! May God bless you abundantly! Love and prayers, Diana Osborne

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