Walking Through Loss with the Class of 2020

Their high school and college educations ended without the normal milestones and celebration.  Today, Lee sits down with author, speaker and mom, Jennifer Dukes Lee, and her daughter, Lydia, to talk about how they are overcoming the grief and disappointments that have come as a result of the Covid crisis.  Today’s episode is filled with laughter and hope for students, graduates, and the moms who love them.

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Read Lydia’s letter to the class of 2020 and watch the full interview on Fox News


It’s All Under Control: A Journey of Letting Go, Hanging On, and Finding A Peace You Almost Thought Was Impossible by Jennifer Dukes Lee

It’s All Under Control Bible Study by Jennifer Dukes Lee

About our Guests:

Lydia Lee is a member of the Class of 2020, and she will be a freshman Music Education major at Iowa State University in the fall. Lydia loves classic literature, black tea, cats, jazz music, and Jesus. Her Instagram handle is @lydiamlee, and her music Instagram page is @lydiamleemusic.

Jennifer Dukes Lee is the author of several books, including It’s All Under Control. She lives on the fifth-generation Lee family farm, where she and her husband are raising crops, pigs, and two beautiful humans. Follow along with Jennifer at @JenniferDukesLee on Instagram and Facebook.com/JenniferDukesLee.

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  1. Thank you so much for this podcast dedicated to the class of 2020! I too have a senior graduate that had his world turned upside down. And as a mom I couldn’t fix it! I am so thankful for prayer, and that God led me to start a Moms in Prayer group when he went off to kindergarten! It is the most powerful thing we can do when we feel powerless! Thank you for having Jennifer and Lydia Lee on to share their stories of encouragement and hope. I know of them but have not met them in person yet. Blessings to you and thank you again!

    1. Laura, Thank you for your comment! I’m sure it’s been difficult for your son missing out on his graduation ceremony as well as other important events at the end of the school year. That’s wonderful that you’ve prayed for him since kindergarten. If you need any resources or information for moms praying for their college children, see our College Praying Moms web page: https://momsinprayer.org/get-involved/join-a-group/college-praying-moms/ Have a good weekend Laura.

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