Sally Burke, President

Sally Burke,

Fern Nichols, Founder

Fern Nichols,

Susan Bagnell, Executive Assistant to President

Susan Bagnell,
Executive Assistant to President

Jill Farrell, Field Ministry

Jill Farrell,
Project Manager

Estha Trouw,
Director of Communications & Strategic Partnerships

Sue Iacoboni,
Marketing Manager

Georgene Kamphuis, Graphic Designer

Georgene Kamphuis, Graphic Designer

Aubrie Burke Social Media Coordinator

Aubrie Burke,
Social Media Coordinator

Lee Nienhuis
Content Creator

Jackie Marcum, Finance Manager

Jackie Marcum,
Director of Finance

Judy Fuller, Donor Development Director

Judy Fuller,
Donor Development Director

Debbie Mears, Finance

Debbie Mears,

Rhonda Burt, Finance

Rhonda Burt,

Perri Houze, Finance

Perri Houze,

Cathi Armitage, Field Ministry Manager

Cathi Armitage,
Global Ministry Director

Marlae Gritter, Executive Vice President

Marlae Gritter,
Director of Global Advancement

Kathryn Coffelt, Translations

Kathryn Coffelt,
Global Translation Coordinator

Sandra Chute, Production

Sandra Chute,
Production Coordinator

Kim Howard, Field Ministry

Kim Howard,
Global Ministry Assistant

Linda Zifko, Field Ministry

Linda Zifko,
Global Ministry Assistant

Teresa Wu, IT Director

Teresa Wu,
IT Director

Tiffany Nichols, Communications Technology

Tiffany Nichols,
IT Communication Coordinator

Kelly Alarcon, IT Assistant

Kelly Alarcon,
IT Assistant