How Moms in Prayer Can Impact Churches

“We have seen too much to be prayerless.” Today Lee sits down for a conversation with her pastor to have an in depth conversation about the ways prayer and Moms in Prayer have changed not only their church family, but their community as well. Join us as we discuss the revival and spiritual awakening that has happened in one small town, the way it all began, and how Moms in Prayer can serve not only your children and schools, but your church as well.

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To learn more about the Moms and Babies Program listen to episode 109 with Christina Gard.

About our Guest:

Ryan and his wife, Stacy, have six great kids and live in rural Michigan. He has been in ministry since 1995, serving first in the youth and counseling ministry, and now as senior pastor. A farmer at heart, Ryan loves spending time with his wife and kids, and is an avid outdoorsman.

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